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  1. Not really sure how to properly explain my situation here, however, I am still quite new to unRAID (despite having a server for a few years now, but always learning something new about it.) Anyways, my situation is a bit weird, I am trying to "Force Recheck" on one of my torrents on qBittorrent and it always results in an "Errored: An unexpected network error occurred." Now the files regarding this torrent is on my unRAID server and have noticed that when the error occurs, I can no longer remotely access my unRAID server as if it was disconnected. When I physically am on the server, I have noticed that for some reason the iP Address changes from the default 192.168 to 169. To combat this, I forced a static iP on both my router and the unRAID server itself, however, despite this seems to force a different iP now (I forgot what it changes too but I remember seeing this). If anyone can explain to me why this is happening, that would be greatly appreciated. Quite concerned that perhaps my unRAID server doesn't like the idea of being "thrashed" with data but I doubt this should even be an issue. As always to help give clarification with my issue, my diagnostics files are attached. I should also add that in the logs I think it shows me tinkering with bonding with the ethernet ports as I was testing if this was to happen (as I am moving and direct access would be impossible) that if this happens, could it fail over to another ethernet port, however, this is besides the point as I want to know why this is happening, and rather not have to go to this kind of route.
  2. Oh boy, where do I even begin with a series of tiny dumb mistakes I have made...(I do pardon first off the stupidity in my decision making and the long essay below...) I originally started my unRAID build with a bunch of old hard drives I had laying around but decided to start little by little putting WD Reds in my unRAID server to actually start having an "actual server" if that makes sense. I had originally thought that since I had one parity drive already I could just chuck random drives and not bother to screenshot the order of the drives and mess around the order of the drives themselves. When I booted everything up, my old configuration file was still there and recognized my parity drive, however, because several of the drives originally used where missing or in the incorrect order unRAID refused to boot. I read somewhere to use the "New Config" button within the GUI and did just that thinking (despite checking all the boxes to "Preserve current assignments") that it would just flush out all the config but retain my parity information. Whelp it had the immediate opposite effect, I am now left with how "New Config" was designed. To restart the server from scratch, and now reluctant to do much more in fear of loosing any data on any of my existing drives, hence this form post. I haven't did anything else besides doing "New Config" so the data on my drives should still be untouched (at least the existing drives that are in the server before the physical changes made). I have tried to view the logs to see what can be done but all seems confusing to me and whatnot. The current logs I have attached seem to have wiped all the disk assignments anyways but I was digging around and found an old log file from couple months ago which might have the old disk assignments, so I will attach both of them. My main concern is when making a new Array it shows for Parity "All existing data on this device will be OVERWRITTEN when array is started" which concerns me about trying to startup my array. Hopefully this makes sense in what I did, and will admit, was pretty reckless with my decisions and choices in going through with this project...but hopefully my stupidity can somehow be undone. I mean the data on these drives aren't worth dying for, but would be nice not having to tell friends that their MC Server is gone because of my stupidity and having to find TV Shows, Movies, and Music that I have since forgotten what was on those drives. Time consuming...yes...but end of the world not yet. I should add I can attach screenshots if needed (as well as any other information as needed) however, I feel it's redundant if all that can be shown is "unassigned" drives. For those wondering what exactly what I was trying to do, I do recall from memory I used a single Hitachi 2TB drive as parity and had random thrown drives within my array. I decided to get two WD Reds to replace one of my parity drives but also have the second Red drive be a 2nd parity. My goal was to assign one of the Reds under the Hitachi as a second parity drive and have that get copied over, then once that was finished, move the Hitachi as a regular data drive and assign the last Red drive as a parity drive to have both Reds be both parity. While I was at it, I found some extra drives which are slightly higher capacity than my old setup and decided to throw that in as well, hence the completely mismatched order. Which I feel might have been made worsened from having the old setup utilize PCI-E SATA cards to switching to a newly bought LSI SAS card...yeah...might have done way to many upgrades that a screw up was bound to happen and never bothered to take precautions when executing them.