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  1. For some reason the web client is no longer working for me. Specifically, the webclient is not accessible on my deviceIP:8112. I did have this exact setup working about a month ago. There must have been some update that messed things up. Using a synology DS218+ and private internet access. below are the scripts I used to launch the container and the supervisor log. Passwords and usernames censored.
  2. My issue is the same as PyroKid99 on p229 of this thread I'm having trouble connecting this delugeVPN docker image to couchpotato and/or radarr I am using a synology nas and privateinternetaccess vpn. Delugevpn works fine. LAN_NETWORK is set appropriately ( auth file was modified by me to only contain: admin:deluge:10 connection manager in deluge shows one account saying connected admin@ allow remote connections and daemon port is set in deluge settings ports are properly mapped in docker config I have shut down and re-started all docker images and the nas multiple times. I am able to connect to delugevpn with sickgear and lidarr. Torrents are transferred over and download without any issue. The connection always fails for couchpotato and radarr. I have tried both docker images and a local installation. I have read the FAQ for "connect couchpotato to delugevpn" a dozen times and I am positive I followed the steps correctly. After reading through this thread, it looks like couchpotato does not work with the latest deluge. That Is fine, I can live with radarr. I can't get radarr working with delugevpn though. Keep getting connect failed after timeout. has anyone gotten delugevpn working with radarr?