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  1. I bought a license to solid works and can not install it because it keeps recognizing that I am in a vm. I followed this blog and tried to edit my xml but was still getting the same error I then tried to just pull the raw disk image and run it on VMware fusion on my laptop which is approved(?) but fusion wouldn’t let me import the img file or the vmdk I converted it into using qemu-img what am I missing here? has
  2. Has anyone else figured out how to get "remember me" to work?
  3. I have been using authelia happily for a while now. I have it setup with duo as well for 2fa, but I have noticed that I can NOT get it to keep me logged in. in the config I set: # The time in seconds before the cookie expires and session is reset. expiration: 2w # The inactivity time in seconds before the session is reset. inactivity: 2w Is there more I have to do so I am not relogging in every day
  4. Back again, I realized that my authelia container starts up faster than my mariadb container and then errors out and stops. Would it be possible to have the authelia container continue to attempt to connect to mariadb without just stopping?
  5. Just wanted to come back and say that I got it working! 2fa and all! Thanks for the great app!
  6. I was banging my head against the wall when I ran into the same issue as that user. I did not realize there was a config file that needed to be configured before the application would start. You may want to put that in the description with a link to the readme as well as in the error messages that pop up if you try to run the container without setting up the file. Gonna go try and configure this. Thanks for the nice instructions on your github. Seems like you put a lot of work into this.