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  1. Is anyone experiencing memory leaks with the most recent versions? I have at most ~5 torrents running but the usage seems out of control, sometimes over 3GB when no activity is going on, setting memory limits shows it continuously being restarted several times a day. I've tried another docker image to see if it was something specific to this one, but same deal there. I really like Qb but I might have to try something else at this rate.
  2. For now you can just edit the docker to point the repository from linuxserver/letsencrypt to linuxserver/swag and it seems to work fine for me so far.
  3. Thanks for the quick replies guys! Good to know, will mark as solved.
  4. So I was clicking around the UI during a disk rebuild, which was going perfectly fine, and I accidentally hit the spin down button on the emulated drive. It, I assume, did spin down but then came back online right away. Is this a big issue or is everything alright? No errors or anything have happened, but when this process takes 15+ hours I'm a bit paranoid I'm going to have to run a parity check and another rebuild or something.