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  1. What cards will work then? Just the short ones meant for mini itx cases?
  2. I'm in Germany and spoke with the same folks the people here have spoken with. Super helpful. Just know that they may not be able to answer at Asrock because this may just be an issue with Unraid. In my tests which I posted about a few pages back the IPMI works just fine at the same time the iGPU is active in Proxmox.
  3. If you don't mind losing a pcie slot but gaining an M.2 slot and not being able to run Core series CPUs/non-ECC RAM you could see if you could get your hands on a Super Micro X11SCH-F. I was talking to someone awhile back that confirmed they have used the IPMI functionality and the iGPU simultaneously with that board.
  4. They are saying that as of at least p2.30 (not a beta revision) that iGFX can be enabled in the BIOS. But I was linked to 2.34 again as well so either should work. --------------------------- Sent: Friday, January 8, 2021 7:15:25 PM Subject: RE: $E3C246D4U$ I/O errors and kernel panic using nvme for boot (United States) "Thank you for your patience! According to the BIOS engineering team, the latest retail BIOS P2.30 already includes such function, but the term is now changed to IGFX. Your board has a BMC controller. And as long as the BMC is working, IPMI communication is already there. Hope that helps. Thank you!"
  5. The screenshots below show the iGPU is active and working on the hypervisor itself (Proxmox) ready to be passed through. On the left is remote control over IPMI and on the right I am SSH'd in at the same time. I don't know if it makes a difference but I have the i965-va-driver installed that is available to Debian/Ubuntu distros. I'm not sure what is available to Slack/Unraid, if this could cause the difference. Edit: So Emby in a Docker container inside an LXC on Proxmox is showing the iGPU ready for use and remote control through the IPMI is still working the same as shown above:
  6. Thanks for the info about the BIOS I will get that set up. I have tried to install Proxmox, Ubuntu Desktop 18.04 and Ubuntu Server 20.04 to a newly purchased WD_Black SN750 that was working well in an Asrock Z390m-itx/ac for the past few weeks. I have no other drives hooked up to the board so the SATAO port sharing shouldn't be a problem. I just successfully installed Proxmox to a Seagate Ironwolf SSD 240GB hooked up to SATA_1 so my next step will be to hook that drive up to SATA0 after removing the M.2 card and then try to install to it again. William from Asrock just replied to my email too so good news there ---------------------------------- Edit: It seems that the NVME drive decided to die when I moved it from one system to the other even though it is like a 2 week old drive with about 12 hours total usage with most being idle. I put it in another system and it gave the same errors when trying to create a partition. So not an issue with the mobo.
  7. What is the BIOS setting needed to enable use of the iGPU? I only see an option whether I want it enabled when there is an external video card attached to the system. Is this what I am looking for? It is currently set to auto after updating to 2.21A. Also, has anyone experienced issues when booting from nvme? I am getting I/O and partitioning errors. Edit: After trying several more OS's (Ubuntu and Fedora) I am getting install errors all around. I am beginning to think I may have a faulty board but I don't have another nvme to test with. I just know the nvme works fine in another motherboard. I sent a email to support but if anyone has any suggestions in the mean time I am all ears.
  8. Newegg has it for $250 with a $30 off coupon code today and I decided to jump in. Here we go!
  9. Thank you for the info. Are you able to answer as to the ease of accessing the IPMI on this board that I asked about earlier today?
  10. Yeah I am working in the Silverstone CS-381 mATX case and I only have an SST AR11 heatsink with a Noctua fan on it. I am looking for the most workload with the lowest heat. Is this not the way to go? Edit: That said, I do currently have an I7-3770 in there and at 100% CPU it only gets to about 65 C so maybe I could go a bit higher on TDP.
  11. Another question: Is it relatively easy to access the IPMI video feed? For my older Asus boards, the "easiest" solution I've found is to run a docker container on another host that runs an old version of firefox with java enabled. I VNC from my desktop into that container and then I can go to the IPMI address in that browser, accept a bunch of security warnings and pull up the video feed. I was hoping that had changed with these newer boards.
  12. Ah good to know. It pretty clearly states that board has quicksync and then the manual talks about IPMI through the ASMB8 chip so maybe it does work. I suppose that Asus board isn't really worth it now though as it is an LGA1150 for $200 and this Asrock C246 board is ~$250 it seems.
  13. Ah ok. Before I found this board I was actually looking at buying a C236 chipset board the Asus P10S-M WS as I have a few other server boards from Asus and generally find them to be pretty good. It has IPMI through the ASMB8-iKVM addon and it says it has Quicksync capability too, according to the product page. I was kind of wondering though if that was the case after I saw all the issues that you and the others went through to get QS on this C246 chipset. Basically that even if the boards have the right chipset it doesn't seem to be a guarantee the capbility will be active.
  14. First off, thank you for taking the time to respond to everyone on this thread. Personally I have been himming an hawing over this board for the past few months but keep coming back to look at it and all the info you have posted here has really helped. Thank you for all the info on RAM and running this board with consumer grade Core CPUs. If I get the board and the RAM does not work I have another consumer board (Asrock Z390 mITX\ac) it should work in so I guess it wouldn't be a huge deal. As an aside, what is the model number of the Asrock board that has IPMI and supports quicksync for 4th gen core CPUs?
  15. This is probably a long shot but will this board, with a Core series processor take this TEAMGROUP Elite DDR4 32GB Single (1 x 32GB) 3200MHz RAM? It is most definitely not listed as supported on the Asrock site but I know the compatibility list is not always the end alI be all and was wondering if it would clock down to 2666MHz and work anyway. Will this board even accept 32 GB sticks of Non-ECC ram or is 4x16gb the max when using commercially sold memory? Are there any other things to take into consideration when running this board without a Xeon CPU and ECC memory? I want the lowest TDP possible which seems to be the T series Core processors at 35w but have a board that is capable of IPMI and quicksync.
  16. I am assuming that it is still an either/or type scenario with that the iKVM functions until the iGPU starts up in the OS? No way to run both simultaneously.
  17. And if this board has a consumer Intel Core i* CPU in it, ONLY non-ECC memory works and then ONLY ECC with a Xeon right? IPMI will still work with the consumer CPU no issue? For non-ECC, is the board picky or will any old desktop DDR4 work as long as it meets the frequency requirements?
  18. Ok good to know. Strange that Asrock wouldn't incorporate the changes into the next final release after 2.21A
  19. I received a response from the eBay sellers IMC and they stated that the newest BIOS version on the site (2.30 right now) supersedes the 2.21A that is linked in this thread and that 2.30 also has iGPU support. Can anyone confirm this? They have stated that the BIOS of the boards they are selling have been set to 2.30.