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  1. Thread :: Error while testing qbittorrent connection: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'status_code" So medusa was working great. I have no other issues until the last update. Got any ideas how to fix this issue? I have reinstalled qbittorent, I have checked everything. Just not sure what could be the issue.
  2. I take it that means with the work around you built in that the lsi 9200-16e will work until they make the corrections?
  3. So the card that it is currently connected to is lsi 9211-8i in it mode, card it will be attached to will be lsi 9200-16e in it mode. So should not be a problem correct?
  4. So I have an R510 that is currently my base system with 8 drives. It have an internal hba. I have just bought a R710 which allows for more expansion cards. I have bought an external hba. and all necessary components to turn the R510 into a disk shelf basically. Before I start messing in things though, I had a though and I want to know how to proceed without loosing data. Figured I would ask the pro's in this forum first for some advice. I am to moving any of the drives from where they are at currently. They would though however move from the internal hba to the external hba
  5. From now on I will do that. Trying to do the learning on my own.
  6. My good sir thank you for your quick and easy answer that solved my problem. That was the issue.
  7. So everything was going great for me. Now when i try to delete or stop a docker image it will no let me do it from the gui. I can literally click on the delete button all day and will not do anything. Do you guys have an idea how to fix this? Thanks in advance.