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  1. I've got a strange issue I can't seem to solve. Originally had locast2plex working just fine with 3.x, updated to 5.x and it broke obviously. Had to delete the old tuner from plex. Setup locast2plex 5.x the new way. It spits out the xml file on the ip address i have it set to. But when I try to add it to plex again it just gives me an error that there was an problem connecting the device. I tried everything I could think of even going as far as to completely uninstalling both plex media manager and locast2plex. Both fresh installs. Same problem persist.
  2. adding the config.ini to the end of the "Host Path: /mnt/cache/appdata/locast2plex" worked for me. however i was having to route my locast2plex through another docker with VPN as im just outside the local DMA zone and cant acces it normally. right now, while trying to route through the other docker it'll spit out a XML file on the IP address and locast2plex is routing its traffic through the VPN. even shows its running correctly in the logs, but it fails to find it through the plex DVR Setup menus.
  3. ive done all that. even tried the different usernam/locast_username options and nothing works.
  4. welp, i had it working just fine untill it updated. now i cant get the container to start. the logs just spit this out every time.
  5. moron again. i forgot to set the network in my VPN container to Bro. once i switched that. gave it a unique ip address different from my unraid box. and then put that ip in the external ip address field in the locast2plex field. it works as intended! thanks for putting these guides together, even tho i have a difficult time following them apparently lol.
  6. welp, im a moron. i was on unraid 6.8.2 and not 6.8.3. i thought i had updated to 6.8.3 already, but obviously i did not. so i got it working sort of. locast2plex runs through the vpn container now, but i dont get an XML file when i connect to the 192.168.X.X:6077 this is the log file that locast2plex spits out. its showing running a server on shouldnt that say 192.168.0.X:6077?
  7. ive tried this over and over and keep getting an error in the locast2plex container when i add these options. it throws a "Container cannot be connected to network endpoints: container:sabnzbdvpn, none." and deletes the container. ive tried deluge vpn as well with the same issue. any idea what could be the issue?