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  1. Did you follow the instructions from Spaceinvaders youtube video to make sure you have the initial setup working ( ) once you get this working, follow above instructions.
  2. So those of you who live in an area where locast is not available you can follow these instructions to route your locast traffic through a Docker container with VPN built in already: - I used the excellent instructions by @Cynagen to get my locast2Plex setup - I then used the instructions provided by @SpaceInvaderOne to route traffic through a container already having VPN built in. i used the binhex-delugevpn, but you can use any container you want. Instructions for this are available as a video on : and
  3. Thank you very much for this! I got my Locast2Plex to work with these instructions!
  4. Can someone create a Template for tgorg's locast2plex docker? Also, if its possible to add built in open VPN support inside it so we can change the location of the ipAddress. I really would appreciate this! trying to set it up through dockerhub, but I think lots of people will find this container VERY useful!
  5. Im sorry if Im asking basic questions, but whats the difference between the xteve containers? Also, does the VPN container route all streaming data from the IPTV through a VPN or does it only route the guide DATA? thanks!
  6. So I have cloudflare and Nginx proxy manager working. make sure all the port forwarding is setup per your router to the Nginx container I went onto cloudflare and created my cnames for my domain under DNS Then went to crypto tab and created the origin certificates - you can create individual one for each subdomain or have one with all the subdomain added. this will give you the .PEM and .Key you save these on to your desktop as whateveryouwanttocallit.pem and whateveryouwanttocallit.key goto ngnx proxy manager and goto SSL certificates create
  7. Have you created the origin certificate in cloudflare (under Crypto Tab)? once you create these you save them as .pem and .key files. Use these to create the SSL certificate in proxy manager. I had to use these SSL certificate to make it work instead of the letsencrypt ones.
  8. SO I tried this and it worked. The lidarr server is loading now, but I get this error 2018-03-17 11:59:39,706 DEBG 'lidarr' stdout output:[Info] RefreshArtistService: Updating Info for YFN Lucci2018-03-17 11:59:40,305 DEBG 'lidarr' stdout output:[Error] RefreshArtistService: Couldn't refresh info for [93cc3f11-751a-48d4-aaaf-ebad6cd0526d][YFN Lucci][v0.2.0.301] NzbDrone.Common.Http.HttpException: HTTP request failed: [500:InternalServerError] [GET] at []at NzbDrone.Core
  9. SO I am currently using Unraid 6.4.1. I am using Ubiquiti as my networking gear including USG for router and Unifi Switches. I am using multiple dockers currently for Plex, Sonarr, SabzNzbd, Deluge, etc. The way I have it set is: when I create a docker I am assigning them a static IP in the same range as assigned by my DNS server on USG: set yo so I would set network type to eth0. Fixed IP address of : for deluge and for plex, etc on my USG, it shows up as the corresponding IP address and I assign a static IP address an
  10. Hey dlmh, Thanks for the input... I also noted that there is a AFP and netatalk posts and edits. I was wondering if there are any advantages to installing the AFP and netatalk? Are they working well? I'm able to see the unraid server on time machine right now, but it shows it as a one large share and not individual use shares... anyways didn't mean to change the thread topic thanks
  11. Here is the samba.service file... <port>139</port> <host-name>Tower.local</host-name> in this spot I tried changing the host name to or media and changed the port as well samba.service.txt
  12. here is the syslog ... thanks for looking into it... syslog-2010-03-25.txt
  13. Hey ALL! Thanks for working on this so that us mac users can have a easy way connecting to our unraid box. I have followed the instructions as stated and at the end of it I can see in my finder the uraid box ( i think). It shows up when I drop in the .service file in the services folder. So I'm assuming it seems to announce the server. The problem is I can't connect to the server. At the end of trying to connect it states the connection failed. When I click on connect as... it wont show the username password dialogue. I do connect to my server using an IP address: 10