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  1. Hi, I recently moved across a Linux Debian VM to my Unraid that was previously running on Proxmox. Usually, after a few days (7+) of uptime, I begin to get errors on the terminal like this: These occur maybe 1-2 times per day until I shut down the VM, restart and then everything goes well for several days before beginning again. I don't notice anything else resulting from these errors. I've searched through the forums and have done the following to try and avoid these without success: CPU cores 0 and 1 are not assigned to any VM. Remaining cor
  2. Have removed the add-on from HA completely. I also removed config and container and started again with same results. There is nothing really in the error logs: READY Server listening on Failed to retrieve config file, creating new. ERROR ENOENT: no such file or directory, open 'config/mqttKeys' at Object.openSync (node:fs:492:3) at Proxy.readFileSync (node:fs:393:35) at default (api/getServers.js:27:36) at call (node_modules/connect/index.js:239:7) at next (node_modules/connect/index.js:183:5) at next (node_modules/connect/index.js:161:14) at next (node_module
  3. Thanks for replying. Yes, something is very odd and this is after months of there being no issues. The only thing that changed is I moved my Home Assistant to a different VM and restored from backup. Even then, it seemed to work afterwards but die later. I've tried with one container, alternatively on the HA VM and the Unraid box and each gives the same result, albeit, slighttly different behavior: * On the Unraid box, after logging in, it does not show a second pop up window to log in again. It loads the details of the VM but only very partiually, no containers, vm's o
  4. I've suddenly started noticing these errors: Get VM Details for ip: Failed Request failed with status code 503 There's nothing else I can see in the logs. When I access the WebUI, I can log in and the details for the VM momentarily appear before disappearing (and VM/docker sections are empty). Also, just to confirm, do I need to have the Unraid API running on both the homeassistant VM and Unraid?
  5. Is it possible anyone can take a look at the updated diagnostics I've attached? This is causing me real issues as Unraid is crashing every 48-72 hours. In addition to the diagnostics: * The RX560 card I am passing through is being passed with the BIOS file dumped from it. I'm having no issues at all with the reset bug. * I'm also now passing through separate wifi and USB cards. I thought this would reduce the crashes as I suspected it was related to passing the mainboard's usb bus but it's not helped at all. In any case, both of the cards are not affected also by pass through
  6. An update for anyone who is interested in trying this. I ended up going with the 2 port Inateck USB 3 card (with an internal port also). I connected the internal USB port to the Fenvi card to enable Bluetooth. As I passed through both cards, it "just worked". I removed the virtual Ethernet port and reset network settings so en0 is wifi. Overall, it's working much, much better than passing through USB from my x570 and using a Bluetooth dongle. The only thing I've noticed is that when under heavy network activity, Bluetooth audio can jitter momentarily. I haven't tried continuity, hand-off etc.
  7. I'm considering the same card. Did you ever get this working?
  8. Hi everyone, I'm considering to add a USB card and WiFi/BT card to my Big Sur VM. I'm currently passing through an RX570 without issue and USB from the motherboard which is a bit flakey. After much research, I've been looking at the following items which seem to have good reviews in terms of Hackintosh usage: Fenvi T919 Inateck 4 port USB 3.0 Has anyone used these with unraid and had any issues with passthrough? My current Gigabyte X570 Aorus Pro has the slots so technically it should be possible but curious to hear other experiences or recommended cards.
  9. I'm having random system freezes always every few days. The first time this occurred I was away from home so was unable to physically access the box for a few days. When I did return home and reboot, I found my VM settings were completely wiped. I thought to restore to RC1 backup but then only discovered that the backup doesn't backup VM settings. In any case, restored and then recreated the VM and upgraded again to RC2. System freezing returns. I can't get anything useful from the logs but have attached diagnostics. I am going to shut down my VM when not in use as a precautionary
  10. Fixed! Simple error. Missed a file (EFI/OC/Bootstrap/Bootstrap.efi) with the opencore upgrade. Doing the 11.1 upgrade now. Thanks again for the offer to help.
  11. Has anyone completed an upgrade to OpenCore 0.64? I'm getting errors loading OpenCore after updating from 0.63. I guess because of the BootProtect changes. I've followed the instructions and set it to None as well as ensuring RequestBootVarRouting is enabled. "sudo nvram -c" fails with a not permitted error so I was relying on clearing NVRAM via the boot menu but never get to it. Have I missed something? Also, has anyone upgraded to 11.1? Any issues?
  12. @JorgeB Thank you for your help again. The parity drive rebuild has been running for 16 hours now (with 4 remaining) and not a single error. I did two things: Updated the firmware as you highlighted in the above linked guide. For my card, I needed the P20 installer. I read elsewhere that tied or bunched SATA cables can cause interference. I gave the cables a little more space. I suspect it's mostly (1) that did it but noting both in case someone comes across a similar issue in future.
  13. @JorgeB Thank you for checking. OK, I will give this a try. Is this the correct firmware?
  14. Hi, I've got an Ryzen 3600 X570 based system with an LSI 9207-8i SAS2.1 card. I have connected two brand new 12TB WD shucked drives to it using a mini-SAS to SATA cable. Initially, I connected only one drive and began using it as a file share and only copied a few things across to it (mostly as a test). All looked good with it after a few days so I added the second 12tb drive and configured this as the parity drive and the parity disk began being built. That was when the UDMA CRC error count began to shoot up. It's at 87 after about 30 minutes combined across several r