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  1. Thanks for all the work @ich777. I've successfully setup Rust and Ark servers thanks to you. Any chance you could setup one for Pixark? I tried for a brief period to set one up myself, but I think I messed up getting WINE setup correctly. If not no worries I'm sure you are plenty busy.
  2. I have 2 RTX 2070S that are assigned to separate Windows VMs. The pass through of the video, audio, and USB controller work with one small exception. After restarting the host I cannot boot either VM without unplugging the usb hubs from the graphics cards. After both VMs are started and running I can plug in the hubs and all devices (mice/keyboards/printers/dac/Bluetooth adapters) work fine. After the VMs are started I can shut them down and restart them without issue as long as the host has not been power cycled. It is also worth noting that I have to unplug both usb hubs for either of the VM