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  1. Well that's a quick turnaround! Thanks! I can confirm that it now skips over the missing disk2 and works fine unless I try to enable cache drives, in which case I'm getting the same error for `/mnt/cache2` now. I do have two cache disks, but they're in a pool so there isn't a second mount point (assuming I haven't set this up weird (see screenshot below)). I guess I should have looked more thoroughly at disks.ini and I might have seen that coming too.
  2. My File Activity plugin on 6.9-beta25 has just recently stopped working, though I'm not sure it's *entirely* File Activity's fault. When I try to start File Activity, it fails with the following error: inotifywait[9438]: Couldn't watch /mnt/disk2: No such file or directory Which is fairly unsurprising because I don't *have* a disk2 so I'm not expecting a /mnt/disk2. However /usr/local/emhttpd/state/disks.ini does contain this entry: ["disk2"] idx="2" name="disk2" device="" id="" size="0" status="DISK_NP" rotational="" format="-" temp="*" numReads="0" numWrites="0" numErrors="0" type="Data" color="grey-off" spindownDelay="-1" spinupGroup="" smType="" deviceSb="" idSb="" sizeSb="0" luksState="0" comment="" floor="0" exportable="no" fsType="auto" fsStatus="-" fsColor="grey-off" fsSize="0" fsFree="0" It's not totally clear to me yet where this entry came from (or how to make it go away), but if this is expected Unraid behavior, File Activity should maybe ignore (or gracefully fail to watch) disks in this state. Would love any pointers anyone has on how to get rid of this weird phantom disk, or why it's here in the first place
  3. Stopping by to chime in: I'm attempting to set up Unraid for the first time on an H470M (with an I219-V NIC), and Unraid is unable to load a network driver (and fails to boot into GUI as well). Going to give the Unraid beta a try and see if that fixes it (as I'm not quite willing to go out of my way to compile my own custom 6.8.3 kernel to get it working). On the one hand, I'd like to stick with a nice Stable release, but in this case 6.9-beta seems like a fairly low risk so far since it's mostly just a Linux kernel update from what I've read (I mean, at least since I have nothing set up, there's nothing yet to break).