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  1. If you're using %(release_date), this isn't gonna work as YT doesn't have that info apparently. I did just try %(upload_date) and it worked without issue, perhaps you should put this in the default file output setting: %(upload_date)s - %(title)s Let me know if this helps! Feel free to open an issue or discussion on the GitHub page too if you experience any other problems.
  2. Are there really no logs? This is quite strange behavior, if the video shows up in the home screen, the subscriptions *must* exist. Maybe something is preventing them from being shown UI-wise.. do you see any errors in the browser console when you try to look at the subscription? Also, try clicking the dropdown for the subscription's videos and click Go to subscription to see if that works. If the subscriptions exist in the DB, then you don't need to resubscribe. But if they do not, then you will. Sorry you're dealing with this problem, let me know if you get any more details. Could be very helpful if there's a bug hidden in there!
  3. You're right in that a fix was implemented, and it hasn't been pushed to the 4.1 (or latest) version. The nightly tag will have that fix, can you try pulling that version and starting up the server? Your videos should show up without issue. If it still doesn't work, feel free to open up an issue! It'll be easier to track and fix that way.
  4. Dev here! You can find the interval over in the settings, it's in the Main tab, called "Check interval". See attached image for reference. Let me know if you have any other questions!