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  1. Hi everyone, I ran into "DOCKER HIGH IMAGE DISK UTILIZATION" issue as well. Thanks to this thread I fix it without rebuilding the docker.img file. Here is the root cause in my case: 1. By default my containers are tracking app's official 'Repository' 2. I have few containers that are tracking different branch usually older 'stable' release. 3. After I have chance to fully test the newer release, I will manually update the App configuration: Repository. The problem with this method is that it leaves the old images behind filling my docker.img file. I used:
  2. Getting ready to submit my Docker templates for phpIPAM - Open source IP address management. It is using the two official docker images: phpipam-www and phpipam-cron published by phpipam on DockerHub. - phpipam-www - provides the WebGUI; and - phpipam-cron - scans your networks in order to discover network changes. This app requires external database like MariaDB or MySQL. It has been tested with linuxserver/mariadb
  3. Hi, I'm running containers (Docker) on all three docker networks: br0 (macvlan), host or bridge. The containers running on host or bridge docker network use port-mapping and the host's ip ( for example). Those containers can 'talk' to each other and they can 'talk' to the host as expected. But the containers running on br0 (macvlan) network are isolated from the host or containers running on host or bridge networks. THIS IS NOT A BUG, BUT SECURITY FEATURE. That said in some cases you might want to able to communicate between br0 and the host. There are two poss
  4. RE #2: I don't think I need rsync server for now. Because unRAID supports USB3 and NTFS for non-array disks, I am going to connect the backup disk directly to unRAID server and run rsync from disk-array to external disk. But thank you for the info, it will come useful later when I start backing up other devices to my unRAID server. RE #3: I need off-site backup in case of fire, flood or other disaster. At this point it is unpractical for me to have second unRAID server. The main problem is secure location with adequate network connection. Next summer, I hope, I will solve this prob
  5. Hi Everyone, Last weekend I installed unRAID 5.0-rc5 (basic). My test so far went very well. I'm thinking to make unRAID my primary media storage. But before that I have to come up with good backup method. I spend quite a bit time browsing through the forum and wiki an here is my plan: 1. Install SSH. I found two posts explaining how to do it. The first post is linked directly from the wiki page [1], but it appears to applicable only for 4.x version. Looks like 5.0 will use OpenSSH plugin [2]. So, what method I should use? 2. rsync: Looks like rsync is per-installed on unRAID, b