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  1. Latest is now working on my PIA NextGen config. I didn't produce detailed logs per the link as the issue appears to be resolved.
  2. I was having issues with PIA NextGen that were resolved by reverting to an old version. Should that be addressed in the updates you just made to latest?
  3. Tagging @binhex so you don't spend too much time going down the AirVPN rabbit hole. Looks like a regression of some sort in the latest build.
  4. I've been randomly having issues today with PIA, can confirm that it was working well yesterday. My docker config uses ouroboros to auto update, and it looks like DelugeVPN latest was updated last night. Several troubleshooting steps, but the one that worked was to revert to what looks like the previous build in docker. Can confirm that binhex/arch-delugevpn:2.0.4.dev38_g23a48dd01-2-15 works.
  5. After updating the container, I was able to connect after the logs showed "7 retries left". To help me understand what's going on here, did it retry several times on my top endpoint and just got lucky after 7 attempts on the same endpoint (Toronto) or was the script cycling through endpoints on each try (success on Chezch endpoint using the same list as you)?