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  1. Was curious if anyone was able to mount a simply nuc motherboard in a case for unraid
  2. I am trying to get my first unraid server up and I have all the parts put together but need help getting into the bios. I have been trying to get it working for a couple weeks and I am pulling my hair out trying to figure it out and was wondering anyone in the Sacramento would help me out Thanks
  3. Ok got the atx 12v cord issue taken care of but it did not fix my problem, i also noticed that the usb keyboard is not getting power i plug it in an and press the cap lock no light, i plug it into any other usb other then one in the motherboard the cap lock light light comes on
  4. Is the the 12v atx connection supposed to be connected to the power supply there was no cord and I cannot see any clips to unconnected from the the main harness to motherboard .the power supply came with no connection for ot
  5. Ok still can't access the bios for this stupid thing I have tried several vga monitors as well as the suggested video card. I have tried using the vga, hdmi and the dvi connection on the graphics card and still nothing I RMA the motherboard,CPU and the ram and still cannot access the bios on this stupid motherboard does not look like the motherboard pins are bent Can anyone please help me
  6. I3 6100 lga1151
  7. I found an old projector in the garage with vga cable, i3 processor
  8. There is no flash screen nothing I have it hooked up to a vga and an hdmi and literally nothing. Does not even say the bios version
  9. ok i got the beast running but i cannot access the bios and there is no video through the hdmi port
  10. Was curious if anyone had used these and have up to 10 terabyte drives. Do they fit in normal just like any other drive. I have heard some drives the mounting holes on the hard drive are different
  11. How do you lose 2 drives if one fails? Can I buy just one big parity drive 6 or 8 tb to cover the whole system? For future upgrades
  12. I have a lian-li pc-q25 build happening just waiting on a part to put in psu. I have 2 3tb wd red drives and 3 1tb drives to start with. I understand the concept of a parity drive but not sure about size and wether I need two of them or not
  13. Found this can anyone confirm it will work