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  1. Hi there, i got a problem with the S3 Sleep plugin. It workend great for years but for some months now it doesnt. :( Whats the problem? The server goes to sleep as intended After wake-up using WOL or the power button of the server it immediatelly does a shutdown After that i can wake it again and everything works Why the hell does it shut down after wake-up? I attached the logs of s3-sleep and syslog. Maybe someone can find the answer? Thank you very much in advance. Maik s3_sleep_snip.log syslog
  2. Thanks for the hint bonienl, but that didn´t solve the problem completely as it doesn´t spin up my parity drive. I now found a solution which does the trick for me: Call the spinup-function of the WebGUI after wakeup. /usr/bin/wget -q -O - localhost/update.htm?cmdSpinupAll=true >/dev/null Maybe i could have used the spinup-groups feature to solve the problem but i didn´t investigate that. I just wanted to share my solution and thank all the posters for their feedback.
  3. It doesn´t seem to be a plugin related issue because after wake up from sleep the unRAID is reporting the disks as "Spun Down" this is false. Even if i´m browsing some directory on the disks unRAID still means "Spun Down". Where does the WebGUI fetches this data from? To it looks like something isn´t properly refreshed after wake up.
  4. Hi, i´m running unRAID 6.0.1 and since some time (i don´t exactly remeber when it started) my server doesn´t go to sleep anymore. I use the "Dynamix S3 Sleep" plugin. I took a look at the plugins logfile an it said "Disk activity on going: sdd" (sdd is my parity disk). Then i opened the unRAID GUI and it reported that alle drives are spun-down. Actually this is wrong because i can hear the drive spinning. This situation never changes and my server is awake for days. But if i hit the Spin-Up button in the GUI my drives my drives are spinning down after the treshold of 15 minutes an the server is going to sleep too. What is happening? Is unRAID somehow reporting the actual state of the drives wrong? I would really appreciate some help.
  5. This is absolutely true. I use the free-version of unRAID at the moment and i´m thinking about buying the real one because of advanced rights management and all the other stuff. But no development updates, no roadmap (ignoring the absolutely outdated one) and no support (my impression) for third party developers like speeding_ant who, made a really great interface overhaul, stops me from buying right now. I hope this situation will change in near future. Regards Maik
  6. Thank you really much for your excellent and fast support. I will do some testing (installing Plex and such) with my unprotected array and create the real one after that.
  7. Hello, i set up my first private NAS today using unRAID 5.0-rc5. My setup only contains 2 drives (3 TB each) because i initially planned to use RAID 1 with another OS but switched to unRAID now because of its very easy setup and configuration. I set up unRAID, selected both disks as data (for "fun") and thought it can´t work (where is my parity?) but ... it works! My questions 1. Do i now have a simple storage Volume without any protection at all? If yes... 1.1 Is this behavior intended or should the GUI prevent me from adding no parity? 1.2 Is this the reason why "Parity Drive" is marked as "Optional" in the FAQ? 1.3 Why is this option not described anywhere? I find it really confusing. 2. Because i really want parity can i just use one disk as data and the other as parity (like RAID 1)? 2.1 If yes, after reading FAQ and stuff it seems to be painless to add another data disk if i´m runnig out of memory, right? 3. Do i need to preclean both of my factory-new disks? The administration website doesn´t do it - maybe because the disks were new or because i didn´t set up parity? Thank you really much in advance. Maik