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  1. Hi Just installed YoutubeDL-Material. Thanks for the prog. Some videos I can download and some not... it's like fifty fifty. I am missing something to set it up, or should it work out of the box ? I've managed to download some videoes, but also many I did not get to download... here one error log: 2020-10-30T23:04:45.232Z ERROR: Error during parsing:Error: Command failed with exit code 1: /app/node_modules/youtube-dl/bin/youtube-dl -i --dump-json*** 2020-10-30T23:04:45.233Z ERROR: failed to parse for urls starting with*** 2020-10-30T23:04:48.507Z ERROR: Command failed with exit code 1: /app/node_modules/youtube-dl/bin/youtube-dl -i --dump-json -f best -o video/%(title)s.mp4 --write-info-json --print-json -f best[ext=mp4]*** Regards Gartner *** I took away the last bit of the url
  2. Hi and thanks for answering me. I found myself an i7-4790K for free, so I will use that. Hoping it will be enough for my project. Regards Gartner
  3. Hi I am new here, and want to build my first Unraid server. Mostly from some spare parts. I will use 6 x 4tb nas Seagate IronWolf disks (2 is parity) and 2x500 gb samsung ssd as cache.... I got an i5-4460 Processor and a Fatal1ty Z97 Killer motherboard laying around. Think to use 16 gb ram. Will use it as a fileserver and vm windows 7. Will that be good enough? Regards Gartner