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  1. create a file called credentials.conf in your openvpn-aio-client folder, on the first line paste your vpn username, on the second line paste your password, save, try running the container again. I use PIA, in my openvpn-aio-client docker appdata folder I now have 4 files, ca.rsa.2048.crt, credentials.conf, crl.rsa.2048.pem, and openvpn.ovpn. I don't think the pem file is needed since I have the crt but it was part of the download so I left in.
  2. This is probably an incredibly simple question but trying to setup the OpenVPN-AIO-Client-Torless and it won't connect. I use PIA, I've added the ovpn file, renamed it openvpn.ovpn, added the .crt and .pem files all 3 to /etc/openvpn, restarted the docker and still nothing. I added ports 1198, 8153, and 9443 to my router for port forwarding. I know I'm suppose to have a credentials file as well but not sure how to add/setup info in file. Any help is greatly appreciated. Edit: figured it out, it was the credentials.conf file that was missing