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  1. I've found a neat problem. I have Wireguard up and running, super stable for weeks now. Logging onto the Unraid web interface allows me to add, remove, and modify peers as expected. However... If I do this while logged in remotely (via the Wireguard VPN), the "Active/Inactive" toggle gets switched off and doesn't auto-start again. Luckily I had a VNC server running on another computer from a previous project, so I connected to that over SSH and was able to flip the toggle switch from inside my LAN. Tried recreating it several times, and the problem persists. Happens when I hit the "Apply" button in the web interface. From another computer on the same LAN/Subnet/etc as my Unraid server, it stays active. From a remote computer connected to the VPN, Wireguard inactivates. More info: Not running any reverse proxies, Wireguard's "Autostart" toggle switch is on (and persists), remote clients connect with "Remote Tunnelled Access" Anybody else seen this behaviour? Any ideas?