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  1. could you tell me which option i would need to check and how it would need to be set (in order to have a "best practice" config) ? much obliged br s
  2. i see something about "not set to automount" in the log...but before i havd also rebooted and they came back fine, dont understand
  3. it appears to be related to some old SSD that i had connected for fun. its an old Intel SSD of 20GB (connected for fun) but the system didnt dtect on it. never minded it actually. now during the reboot, it seems to have prevented detections of other disks i removed that one and all is back to normal. quite strange
  4. 3 reboots, now they are back, my god, what a scare that was
  5. after a simple reboot, 5 disks are not bein seen by the system !!! i have 2 raid cards and 6 sata ports on the MOBO, all of which work brilliantly until this morning. the disppeared disks are on all controllers, so it snot 1 controller that went dead all of the sudden i took the system offline because i wanted to add a cache drive, and now this - im very not happy, this is the opposite of why i have unRAID in the first place priori to reboot, i did change the ip adress from dynamic to static, changed the DNS from my provider to google's and specified metric 1, but
  6. thats bad , thanks god i didnt pay a lot for. can keep it in the box then and offer straight back for sale (( any hints to where i can score a card which offers 8 SATA connections for (very) good price in the EU ?? i usually buy in and but there are not 8-port sata cards (and i needs to be max PCI 2.0 16x because MB) finding a good card isnt easy, it appears ( got my self brandnew cables by card wont work now, ))
  7. kind of selectively missed that i have found a thread about re-flashing raid controllers, i will inform myself on that because i already have the card. i saw 9240-8i in the list of supported models and figured 9260-8i would be the same thing more or less ah well, guess ill soon find out
  8. looking good , i like those status lights )) one can never have enough lights ))
  9. that is an important little piece of info guys !! ok so i should ask santa for a big ass SSD drive as parity, roger that may be chrismtas 2023 ))
  10. excellent, thanks all of you. i implement my cache drive in the weekend (i love to work on my NAS to be honest.) i have procured a second hand LSI MegaRAID SAS 9260-8i and some new breakout cables, ànd a recovery 256Gb SSD from work and a black friday score of 2TB SSD )) so i wish you all a very nice weekend indeed br steven PS can we post pictures somewhere of our build? i found these great 2.5" drive cages who take up one 5.25" slot, and they are in black mesh kinda, it fits the case perfectly, i think im in love )))
  11. according to this here artical, TRIM is a nice-to-have , perfromance-wise and health-wise. but all basic functions will be there (ie garbage collection is not broken)
  12. hi Jorge, and is this a future that we could expect in the middle-long future? im happy with unRAID in fact, its right on my level i have currently 3 (soon 4) SSD devices in my array, works flawlessly , i may add does this TRIM problem mean that , if i delete data on one of the SSD's, this space will not be recovered? (made available again) BR Steven
  13. im also on Gigabit switches, i max on 113MB, same. not sure if its realistic to buy 10Gb netwokr infra for all my machines, might be a nice project for the future
  14. thanks for your reply. the temporary vulnerability when writing to cache without priority is acceptable, i will only delete source files after files are visibibly transferred to the array about TRIM, i check the discs before buying, and they explicitly state that they support TRIM (this is a garbage collection instruction if i understand correctly) or is it unRAID that doesnt support TRIM? if it does not, i suppose it will be brought in the future. unRAID seems to be a healthy enterprise and will be aware of this TRIM situation SSD are too tasty to pass up )