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  1. Fresh install of NPM and I tried to set up ssl on proxy and get the following errors. Set up is as follows: I got SWAg setup and its says server ready at the bottom of log. Thanks for any help you folks can offer.
  2. That's kind of what I had in my mind to do was use a separate drive ( smaller ) for Current TV shows so they could easily be watched and deleted without being spread across the array. (maybe that doesn't really matter. ) with Archived TV shows I don't mind so much but would like to keep the seasons at least together, That would be specifying Automatic split top 2 levels?
  3. Disk access was the reason I was thinking of Archived TV and current TV shows. We record a lot of shows watch and delete them. Archived shows are pretty much stored and watched whenever but don't change. So I thought maybe it was better to keep separated on a single drive to limit writes/reads/delete. Do the shares all need to be mapped in windows? why?
  4. So new here and new to Unraid and new to linux things. I have a couple of questions about share setup and Sonarr setup. 1st- whats the better way to set up folders inside shares? Setup a share in unraid then add folders to it via windows or add folders to share in Unraid. ( If so How do you add folders under shares?) I have it set like this now /mnt/user/media |___ archived TV shows |___current TV shows |___movies |___music |___Home movies |____Pictures But think it would be better to have more shares for each category for for taking advantage of file splitting like so: /mnt/user/movies /mnt/user/TV SHOWS |__ archived TV shows |__current TV shows /mnt/user/movies /mnt/user/music /mnt/user/Home movies /mnt/user/Pictures so Next question has to do with Sonarr setup. If I have a share with both TV categories how do I set that in the docker ? I think I need to add a 4th HOST path but how would that look? This is how i have it now but would like to change it to have both archived TV shows and current TV shows I think it should be something like /mnt/user/TV SHOWS/archived TV shows/ and then add a 4th host path /mnt/user/TV SHOWS/current TV shows/ But then do I have to change the container path? If so, to what? Thanks for your time.