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  1. It is a bad ideea. I recommend installing something like Ngnix proxy manager and adding at least some basic auth in front of it over SSL. The reason why it can be a bad ideea is that you might never be sure that the whole UI is propperly protected. By adding a proxy in front or even better a vpn like wireguard, the attacker will have to bypass this authentication before getting to the unraid server. Nginx basic auth and witeguard auth are way more battle tested (not to mention a lot smaller as attack surface) than the whole unraid UI.
  2. Can you add glusterfs? https://slackbuilds.org/repository/14.2/network/glusterfs/
  3. I've tried to set up the syslog to no avial. I've tried everything even manually adjusting the rsyslog.conf file. Whenever I set a website like logs7.papertrailapp.com it says that there is "No route to host". Googling the error most of the problems were firewall related. Is there any firewall that I should be aware of? I don't remember to have configured anything in Unraid.
  4. It's having problems downloading the sha256 files for unraid 6.8.3 Now installing Nvidia version 6.8.3 Base URL: https://lsio.ams3.digitaloceanspaces.com/unraid-nvidia/6-8-3/nvidia TO AVOID CORRUPTION DO NOT CLOSE THIS WINDOW UNTIL YOU SEE THE DONE PROMPT Downloading: /tmp/mediabuild/bzimage ... done Downloading: /tmp/mediabuild/bzroot ... done Downloading: /tmp/mediabuild/bzroot-gui ... done Downloading: /tmp/mediabuild/bzmodules ... done Downloading: /tmp/mediabuild/bzfirmware ... done Downloading: /tmp/mediabuild/bzimage.sha256 ... I left it there for tens of minutes and it