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  1. This was solved - put th graphics card as Legacy in the bios
  2. Was a solution to this found? My sound card - looks like the same one- is also on its own IOMMU group and I get the same error message. So interested to know if you found a work around.
  3. Just placed a sound card in my system. I checked it was on it's own group, so should have been fine. Got the following: Execution error internal error: qemu unexpectedly closed the monitor: 2020-12-08T04:35:00.098682Z qemu-system-x86_64: -device vfio-pci,host=0000:01:00.0,id=hostdev0,bus=pci.6,addr=0x0: vfio 0000:01:00.0: failed to add PCI capability 0x11[0x54]@0xac: table & pba overlap, or they don't fit in BARs, or don't align Any idea what it means or how I get it to transfer? {Smaller issue which I am less worried about, I transferred a camera
  4. Thanks - removed the disks. Only had 1 docker that didn't work properly. Redid it. And a couple of settings on the VM were different. Otherwise it survived. Thanks for your help
  5. Thanks for confirming this. Confirming the data on the remaining disks will still be there? And as the array isn't started do I need to do anything to remove those disks from the shares? If so how?
  6. Hi, Newbie urgently needing help. I think my SAS controller (Adaptec 71605) just bit the bullet as it is screeching at me and when I go to the main page on unraid, on start up, I get green boxes basically saying all good for the disks not on the sas controller and the other disks don't get the same message. These messages come up before without the array started. Luckily most of the disks on the SAS controller were next to empty as I had only added them recently. I have 1 sata cable going to a drive that was unmounted, which I could swap to the drive on th
  7. Other information; Config: mobo: Asus Z10PA-D8 cpus: Xeon E5-2660 v3 memory: 64GB Samsung ECC graphics: Gigabyte GTX 960 Unraid: 6.8.3 I have made a number of attempts to get a VM up and running, but the furthest I get is as follows: Installation starts, displaying via the graphics card. Windows installs without connections to the net. Once in windows I go to device manager: but although I have the rom (Gigabyte.GTX960.4096.150702.rom) for the graphics card, the card is not listed in device manager. I try
  8. Hi, Did you sort out the issues? I have a similar system to yours but I haven't been able to complete a Windows 10 VM. Hoping you can help, perhaps providing the bios settings you had to make and settings you did in the VM setup. Config: mobo: Asus Z10PA-D8 (with onboard graphics!!) cpus: Xeon E5-2660 v3 memory: 64GB Samsung ECC graphics: Gigabyte GTX 960 Unraid: 6.8.3 I have made a number of attempts to get a VM up and running, but the furthest I get is as follows: Installation starts, displaying via the graphics
  9. This has happened twice and I don't know what I am doing wrong Unraid 6.8.3 I was setting up my first Windows 10 VM following Space Invader's, and other guides. I have downloaded a rom for my GTX 960, making sure it is UEFI - all fine. Got the windows rom. Got the latest virtio-win, 1.185. Windows starts setting up, and the main screen loads. I go into device manager, but the gtx 960 graphics card cannot be seen. I only see the windows default display driver. I also am unable to update this like Space invader does -
  10. Thanks for help in advance. Probably made a newbie mistake (likely more than 1) and I could use help getting unraid back up and running. I was on the trial version, but had been happy and bought the pro version. It said to complete the license to stop the array, which I did. All appeared complete so I restarted the array but 40min on it still hadn't mounted 1 disk. Previously, on another day, I had shutdown the server and restarted but it didn't take anywhere like the time it is taking. (Array had 9 disks, 1 of which was parity, plus 1 cache SSD. System also h
  11. Thanks Decto and Caplam for your responses - I appreciate you taking the time. I noticed you both with the Xeon path, which I had been considering, but I kept seeing people say they draw too much power. This much of an issue? I had noticed lots of recommendations for the Ryzen path and was considering it for easy updating of CPU and power draw, but passthrough issues and the potential need for 2 GPU chewing up the PCI-E lanes, especially if I may need the SAS HBA card, didn't have me convinced. I had read about the Pro WS X570, but the lower SATA count and the price kept me stil
  12. Been a number of years since I have been in a position to start a new IT project - once a hobby - and finally I can start returning to it. This is my first time ever posting on a message board, so sorry if this is in the wrong spot. I have been reading through the posts of other members and some things I have read seem to contradict others, hence this post. I am chasing advice on a motherboard / CPU / graphics card combination to do the following: consolidate 2 NAS boxes and my main computer, all long in the tooth. allow me to run 1 windows VM - for, noth