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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm dealing with a situation here. when I search for a file in nextcloud through the web browser, it either takes a long time to bring me a list of files that I may be looking for or it just freezes..... However, when I use my android device using the app, it pops it right up! I thought it may be the database and I read Postgress does work best on nextcloud when dealing with large amount of file so I switched from MariaDB to Postgress 11 ( using unraid) but didn't help. also using Redis for memcache and all the PHP tuning is done on it as well (don't know if i did it right or wrong with the tuning). I also disabled half of the apps running... still the same... I'm banging my head around and I cant seem to find any answers would appreciate it if somebody could help!
  2. after updating to nextcloud im getting "The reverse proxy header configuration is incorrect, or you are accessing Nextcloud from a trusted proxy." it was working fine with the nextcloud 19 as I made some changes in the conf. is this a bug? any suggestions?