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  1. Oh boy. So, I wasn't seeing "Update" on the dashboard menu for CrashPlan... but alas, when I went to "Docker", there it was. 4 hours of synchronizing later, all is well. Thank you @Djoss, and sorry for wasting your time.
  2. Hey @Djoss - thank you for all your hard work on this image. I've been using it for years now without issue. Today I'm having something a little worrisome happening over here with my setup. One of my (2) drives is failing, and the plan is to swap in an identical replacement drive, then run a restore from CrashPlan. Here's my status on the client itself: Ok, seems good... but then: And on the Code42 side, I woke up this morning and had an critical backup alert delivered to by inbox. Here's what their web UI is looking like: I've been willing to put up with CrashPlan's shitty interfaces up to this point, but now I don't have much faith. Is there anything I can do to with CrashPlan or the container to be sure my files are backed up before I pull this drive?