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  1. Seems like a lot of it is taken up by complete downloads on SABNZBD - why is mover not moving the complete downloads?
  2. That is really bizarre because usually I want things to download to the SSD and then move to the hard drives to ensure there is no speed bottlenecks when it comes to the downloads. I'm a bit green when it comes to Unraid so I might have configured something incorrectly?
  3. Attached kind sir. How do I backup my flash drive to ensure that if that goes to shit - I can simply burn another one and I'm not going to lose anything? I've attached screenshots as requested.
  4. For a while my cache drive seems to be full and I can't really run any containers etc... Mover doesn't seem to work and I've got no idea on how to fix it.
  5. I purchased the full version and when I go into the Key URL or even enter it in - I am getting a 404... Please help.