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  1. Yup i can connect now both ways without an issue. Good lord.... so sorry to bother you for something so stupid. Thank you for being patient and trying to help
  2. OK..... problem solved i believe. So i got a message from my ISP last week that they were doing maintenance to the entire township and i was included in that. What i didnt know is that my IP address changed 😆. Steam seems to be able to see it both ways now. I will have a friend try to connect and see what happens
  3. Ok you are correct, I can go through the server tab in steam for the local connection using port 2457 but not externally using my IP:2456 or 7. I attached the screen shot of my port forwarding. According to my router documentation i believe that is correct but i could be wrong. I will try to add other iterations of this
  4. I see a steam connection error in the log now. Not sure how to correct that
  5. I used the stock docker setting that is setup for 2456-2458 I believe, sorry I'm at work so everything will be by memory. I have been entering through the game and typing my local IP to get into the server. I have tried through steam server tab but have been unsuccessful. I have also tried my WAN/external IP and port and it does not connect. I've looked at the server log while it boots and nothing stood out as an issue at the time, though i will check again tonight and post a screenshot of both docker template and server log. I will also double check my port forward as well and screen sho
  6. Thank you for this guide, much appreciated. I installed this over a week ago and it runs flawlessly on LAN but I cant get this to show up on steam nor can connect via the internet. I thought it was my IPS provided modem/router combo so i purchased one to take that out of equation. I forwarded the ports and still no access. I run other dockers such as Plex that have no issues communicating over the internet. Anyone have any idea on why I cant get this to show up on steam or to even have people join via the IP:port option? EDIT: I'm new to this type of forum.. really wish the forum
  7. You are my hero Sir *salute*
  8. Good morning everyone First time posting but I've been using Unraid for its Plex docker and file storage capabilities while always staying with the most recent stable release. I recently decided to start using VMs and have had a pretty good experience with them so far. I started playing a community supported game called Asherons Call. I've been playing on someone else's home server but it had me thinking that perhaps I should host my own to play with my friends. The question is , Short of adding a VM to host this is there any other solutions that might w