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  1. Howdy--apologies for the glitch. Let's get this sorted. The UID and GID need to be valid users on the host OS, and need read/write access to the volume that you're bind-mounting to /ps/library. More details are here:
  2. Howdy, thanks for trying out PhotoStructure! I suspect you may be missing a bind mound for `/ps/config`. PhotoStructure v1.1 requires several bind mounts (which the template should guide you through), but more details about what's going on is here: Note that the next release will only require one bind mount, which should simplify this setup. More details here:
  3. Click "show more settings...", and click "edit" by "Temp/Scratch disk". Click "Host Path" and pick a directory your SSD (mine is set to /mnt/cache/appdata/photostructure/tmp/ ) Feel free to hop into the PhotoStructure#unraid discord room if you want more real-time help!
  4. You can browse by folder, date, camera, lens, keywords, ...
  5. It's designed for photo and video storage, and handles most image and video types (including JPEG, most RAW formats, and tons of different video formats). Truth be told, I made it to clean up my own mess. If she's using other software already, know that I've tried to make it interoperable (especially with XMP sidecars and Google Takeouts). Nextcloud provides as a folder view of your files. PhotoStructure is designed specifically to intelligently deduplicate and organize photos and videos, with instant browsing of photos and videos (by date, filesystem, type, keywords, and albums). My own library is tracking 500k+ files (I have a lot of duplicate files, and ~300k unique "assets"). Many other users have similarly sized libraries.
  6. Alternatively, I'd be happy to take over managing the template: there are several things I'd suggest changing. What's the friendly protocol for this sort of thing? (Also: I push :stable releases to :alpha and :beta tags to make sure people don't get left behind)
  7. I do have several users successfully running the beta on UnRaid: I just finished backing up everything from my FreeNAS box and am in the middle of converting it to an UnRAID box, specifically to help support y'all. I suspect the issue may be due to opened-by locks from an ungraceful shutdown, or auth issues from the new UID/GID code.
  8. @whitedwarf , thanks for sharing! I'd love to see your configuration, if you'd be willing to share:
  9. Not yet, but several beta users have brought up this issue also: Feel free to vote on that, any other items, and add your own ideas as well!
  10. Sorry about that! I've only validated those build instructions on Ubuntu and macOS. I actually changed how HEIF support is handled in the next version of PhotoStructure: you'll just need to install the libheif-examples package, which provides the heif-convert tool: (I'll add installation instructions for Unraid in the linked page soon).
  11. PhotoStructure from within docker can only access files and directories that are bind-mounted into the container, so if you want it to see your stuff, you need to add a bind mount to that stuff. I may be misunderstanding what you're asking, though?
  12. Does /mnt/user/Photos have a .nomedia file in it, perhaps? PhotoStructure respects those: If not, I'd echo my previous reply:
  13. @DuzAwe try the info tool to see if PhotoStructure is unexpectedly filtering out your directories or files. This article may help as well. If you're still stuck, email me your logs and I can take a look at what's going on.
  14. Nope, it doesn't, but you can compile in support. Note that Live Photos aren't supported yet (ironically, due to lacking video control support in Safari that I need to figure out a workaround for). Edit: The next version will have improved HEIC support. Oof, yeah, I actually just switch to tiny thumbnails (which isn't a fix, I know). I'm going to add different "views" of child tags. One will be iconic, so subdirectories with more than a handful of direct children are more comfortably navigable. That is a reasonable hope! I've actually added "browse by filesystem" to the next release, which gets you some of the way there. I've also added Album extraction (if you have Google Takeouts, or have used something that exported IPTC or XMP album tags). I think with the addition of new tags that are essentially "saved searches", you'll get the Cuba browsing experience that you deserve. Sure: set the `excludedRootTags` library setting to include "Camera" and "Lens". I'm making the navigation bar dynamically include or exclude root tags in the next version. Thanks for your feedback!
  15. Also: PhotoStructure has it's own support forum:
  16. That would certainly work. My NAS has a full backup of my computer, so it's local, but importing over a share (and even storing your library on a share) is totally supported. No: PhotoStructure just needs filesystem access to your files, and that filesystem can be local disk or remotely mounted (or even a FUSE mount). You'll want to copy those assets to your UnRAID box, then (and make sure you have backups of everything before your delete anything! That copy can happen by you running `rsync`, or by PhotoStructure running automatic organization. You may want to verify all the files you expected to get copied [_actually_ got copied](
  17. I'd set logging to "debug" and then kick off another sync. You can also do this by hand by shelling into your container and running "photostructure sync --force --debug" (possibly pipe though less, it's quite verbose!) Or send me the logs and I can take a look: Also, have you marked anything with NoMedia? Also know that there are several filters applied to keep cruft out of your library (but these filters are all configurable):
  18. Agreed. PhotoStructure already does periodic maintenance while running, so I can skip some of this work on docker shutdown, but it still needs time to copy the db replica back to the library (which should take milliseconds, but sometimes disks are spun down and it takes a while to copy it over). I'll make this change in the next version. Until then, though, I'll check the docs to see if I can extend the shutdown grace period in the template
  19. This will happen if shutdown isn't graceful. PhotoStructure does some housekeeping at shutdown time, and once it's all done, the opened-by lock is removed. I wonder if there's something I can patch in the template to tell Unraid to be patient with shutdown? Pointers would be great (I've been using and writing Unix software for 20+ years, but I'm an UnRAID n00b).
  20. imgcache is only used as temporary file storage. It's cleaned periodically and if an import isn't running, it won't have files in it.
  21. Also: anyone having issues with their installation, or if you find anything else buggy, odd, or confusing: first off, thanks for giving PhotoStructure a spin, and sorry if it's misbehaving for you: please send me an email with details (ideally, with): 1. Relevant details about your setup 2. What you did 3. What you expected to happen 4. What actually happened
  22. I only ask for email so I can broadcast security updates or large version changes. It's totally optional. You will have to accept the EULA as part of the welcome process. PhotoStructure is commercial software. Automatic video transcoding is already built-in. Please email me if it (or anything else!) doesn't work. support [at] This has all the details:
  23. Ah. I think it might be simpler for health checks to just be disable-able, then. I'll add those settings in the next alpha release. Thank you for your help! PhotoStructure runs a cluster of sync-file processes (both to isolate memory leaks and to support concurrent file imports), so those messages shouldn't cause the import to break: just for that process to be recycled (and a new sync-file to be spawned). If your sync is getting "stuck", could you follow these steps and email me your logs? I currently recommend to my beta users that they use a sync tool on their phone. Your PhotoStructure library should mirror what you've got on your filesystem. See for details. Perhaps you missed this? If you meant keyword or other metadata editing, then yes, that is missing, and on my todo list.
  24. PhotoStructure periodically runs health checks that include a bunch of system and internal diagnostic tests, including round-trip database writes, which, unfortunately, will keep your cache volume and library volume spinning. I guess if there hasn't been web traffic for, say, N minutes, and there hasn't been a sync for M minutes, it could go into "hibernation" mode? I'll think about this some more, it should be doable.
  25. Thanks, @spants! I've been really surprised by how many of my beta users are on Unraid (!) For anyone else trying it out, please know that PhotoStructure is a young product, and I've got an embarrassingly long to-do list, but if your library is as messy as mine was, nothing else has better deduplication, and the "samples" UI is novel as well. Also, I'm providing the beta for free in exchange for your feedback. If y'all find anything odd or confusing or buggy, please send me an email and I'll get on it.