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  1. Damn it, completely missed that line. Corrected and things are working properly now. Thanks for the help!
  2. Attached is the master log as well as a copied log just containing info immediately after the launch of the container
  3. I recently updated the container and I can no longer access the WebUI when VPN is active. Disabling VPN restores access. Any ideas on what might have changed? I've tried resetting WebUI ports but that hasn't helped any.
  4. So after removing the drive with errors and doing a new config, parity sync completed, so I guess the bad drive was just causing sync to totally freeze up once it got to a bad sector every time.
  5. The syslogs and diags earlier in the thread included the failing disk. I'm currently transferring data off of that disk to remove it from the array and see if that solves the problem.
  6. Same result. The only thing I can think of is that one of my drives started giving back some pending sector and uncorrectable errors in its SMART report. Would that cause parity sync to grind to a halt at the same place every time? I'm attaching the SMART report for that drive to this comment. WD_My_Book_25EE_574343374B355A565850414C-0_0-20201118-1602.txt
  7. Haven't tried safe mode yet, just rebooted and started a sync. Will report back.
  8. Yep, every single time and I've tried two separate drives. It still think's it's running and I'm still able to navigate around the GUI, but there is zero disk activity and I can't save any changes I try to make.
  9. Completed without any errors. Report attached. ST8000NM0055-1RM112_ZA1J2TLH-20201118-1139.txt
  10. Wasn't sure if those would be useful without the issue presenting itself. Have attached here.
  11. So I've built up my first server in the last month or so, and for some reason every time I try and do a parity sync to build up my first parity disk, it always hangs at 12.5% (exactly 1 TB since it's an 8 TB parity drive). When the check starts I see read speeds around 130 MB/s and then it drops into the 60-85 MB/s range, until it completely stops all R/W activity at 12.5%. I also can't export diagnostics or save any changes to system settings from the GUI at this point. I captured two different syslog dumps today as examples. I've tried multiple drives, run memtest to make sure my RAM isn't causing issues, and at this point I'm not sure of the best way to move forward. Would appreciate any guidance. syslog1 syslog2