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  1. Didn't do am memtest so far, because since the last crash the server is running now almost a full week 24/7 with no glitches at all. So I wait for the next time, I have to reboot. What else did I do? I entered the BIOS at the last reboot, to check some entries. But didn't change anything, although I saved the settings when I left. Can't really count for a problem solver. Then I installed the Plugin "Tips and Tweaks" and changed via the plugin the settings for: vm.dirty_background_ratio = 1 vm.dirty_ratio = 2 Don't know if this solved my problem, but at least I had no crashes since. Guess a memtest is still a good idea...
  2. Just had a new crash at Sonntag, 15. November 2020 18:54:02 Flashing a USB stick for memtest right now What does the page fault in the log mean? Guess this is related to memory not to the CPU, right? 2020-11-15.txt
  3. Tried to do memtest but didn't succeed from the Unraid Menu at boot (system just did a reboot) Try to get a live linux CD to do a memtest... Will check the BIOS settings for "Power Supply Idle Control"...
  4. Hi there, since March I'm using Unraid 6.8.3 on my self-built server with all new hardware. Did run smooth and without any glitches so far. But the last couple of days I'm facing more and more problems which lead to total freeze of the system - had to do a hard reboot with switch off the system via power button. Even the cli didn't work anymore nor ssh were available. Today I was lucky to get a syslog and a diagnostic 5 minutes prior to the crash and I installed a syslog server on my notebook for catching the log remotely. Last entry before the crash was on Sonntag, 15. November 2020 16:56:21 I also attached a screenshot of the console from a former crash Before this crash I swa all 4 cores of the cpu rising up to 100% step by step I tried to do memtest86+ from the console when booting, but this always forced a reboot with no further action Can anyone please check, wether it's a hardware problem or some docker/plugins/software is causing all this trouble? Thanx in advance, unrno unr-server-diagnostics-20201115-1652.zip unr-server-syslog-20201115-1553.zip 2020-11-15.txt