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  1. I didn't see any new posts so I thought I'd say a few words. I got my server from Greenleaf prolly some ten years ago or something. Well, something got screwed up so I recently sent it to Kyle at Greenleaf to fix it and I basically got a new machine back. The man did a great job and even threw in some parts he had lying around to improve my machine. You don't see that often. I just can't say enough about Kyle and his service. I'm a super happy customer and Kyle, sorry for calling you so often. :) George
  2. So, where were you when I had to have my server rebuilt and went and bought 2TB drives as cheap as I could? I'm guessing you would have sold me a few cheaper...?
  3. Guys, I lost a few files (deleted by accident or something) on my unraid server and I was wondering if there is a free program I can use to recover the files. The thing is, I went and searched and downloaded and tried three proggies where it was claimed that they do networks but when I go to find files, it will NOT see my server. Recuva actually sees it but the ok button is greyed out so I can't click on it. On the others, I can't find my server. Thanks for any help and links and screen captures are very appreciated. George (unRaid server by Kyle at Greenleaf)
  4. I guess looking at the posts that this is way too small and too expensive compared to the big drives you're posting but just in case there's someone on a real budget. I love my server by the way George
  5. WIndows credentials Tower (the server name) Modified 10/22/2013 Internet or network address; TOWER User name: E8600\xxxxx (E8600 is my workstation name) Password: XXXXXXXXXXXXX PErsistence: Enterprise
  6. Yep, comodo. I disabled it, double clicked on the server, I saw the folders for just a couple of seconds and then it switched to the my computer layout and when I clicked it again, it said it was not accessible
  7. I can also try to map the server in which case I get to choose a letter, browse for a drive or whatever, choose that but when I click on to map it, it says it can't connect or whatever. HOW the hell can I see it in my browser (Firefox) but not in win explorer?
  8. Nope, rebooting doesn't help. Here's what happens. I reboot and cant' access the server. IF I open it in firefox, it asks me for login and password and then shows everything that you normally see. Now, if I don't do that (login through the browser, I can't see it at all but if I log in, I can). I now go to WINDOWS explorer and when I click on the server in there, a login and pass thing comes up. I log in and now it tells me it cannot access it. Rebooted, did the whole thing and this time, BEFORE logging in, I saw the contents and then when I logged in, it disappeared. The funky part is that when it's trying to log in, it says log in to TOWER which is what my server is called, BUT, in the same window it says that I'm logging in to the computer which is called E8600??? SOmetimes I can see the drives n' such but I cannot go further down into the server (ie, files and so on). This was not a problem before and I still had win7 in 64 bit...?
  9. I"ll let my guy answer this 'cause I'm dumb as a post...stand by please and thanks George
  10. I'm having problems with my computer connecting to the server and I was wondering if anyone knowledgeable could come here and look at it. I don't mind paying something reasonable. I AM in a bit of a hurry. The problem is intermittent. I can sometimes see what's on the server and two minutes later, it says it cannot connect...? THanks and please email me at info AT totaldesignz DOT COM George
  11. George
  12. Looks like a good deal. $49.99 w free shipping George
  13. Up to $75 max in discount... Coupon code BTEJJJF36 *Up to a maximum discount of $75 per order. No minimum purchase required. Limit one use per customer; may not be combined with other promo codes or combo discounts. Only available while funds last. Expires 11/20/2011 or SOONER based on fund availability.
  14. I can think of another forum where they might know about long term reliability and it's this. Very old forum and lots of photographers and they store a lot of stuff.
  16. If anyone ever wants to be in the twilight zone, come to my house. This is where all this $hit is happening including the server erasing whole folders by itself Thanks again for the help Raj George
  17. I think they should try black pepper too so that you can see which ones are the zeros and which are the ones. It would be very pretty
  18. I've always been told too much salt isn't good for you...see, I knew I was right. Salt IS great for you
  19. Unfortunately, I have NO money, fortunately, I'm good on drives right now
  20. LOL Ooo, sounds like Stacey should be in politics Personally, I have a $600 graphics card and an Asus netbook and I think their support sucks
  21. We also had problems creating a cache drive but I won't go into that as I don't know if it's related and don't understand this stuff.