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  1. To clarify, when I used default settings on USB creator and left the server booting through BIOS and told it to boot to the USB drive nothing would happen. The screen would show the last command from the BIOS follow by an empty cursor like it was waiting. So, I tried configuring the USB for UEFI, and changed my boot to UEFI instead of BIOS and that is where I would get the error "Failed to allocate memory" and even trying to run the memory check it would show the same "failed to allocate memory" error. I did validate that when I use another computer the USB would boot
  2. Well, after most of my tinkering and reading another post on this wiki it seems that syslinux is not running correctly for some reason. I have booted into FreeDOS, CentOS, Ubuntu or even Windows without any issues with memory. I even ran memory tests not using UnRaid Boot loader and had no errors. Seems to be something with the way syslinux is trying to allocate memory.
  3. I am working on trying to update the BIOS and everything today just in case. I have seen others using Poweredge Servers so I am a little confused. How can I view the logs to see the issue? Allocating memory seems like a weird error.
  4. I finally switched from BIOS to UEFI and was bale to get the flash drive to boot but I keep getting a failed to allocate memory error. I tried running the memtest and got the same error. I tried taking two fo the three memory sticks out but same error persisted. I also tried moving the USB port a couple times but nothing seems to work. Total newb here but I did just put it in an old laptop and it booted up first time. How can I figure out why my Dell r210 won't work? Is there a specific config I need for the Dell r210 ii? https://i