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  1. I originally bought them for a zfs build, hence the 5x12TB drives, the 5 and 2TB I just had spare. You do have a point, however, and I given that I'd probably build it differently if I did it again. I do set unRAID to power them down after 2 hours.
  2. Ah! I should have known that documentation like that would have been available. Thank you for pointing that out. edit - I was asking because 14TB drives are on crazy sale right now, but I have only 9TB out of 55TB currently used and I do not need more space. I'd prefer to upgrade later on, but if a drive failed that would of course mean I'd have to do that very soon.
  3. Here's my current array layout: P - 12TB 1-4 - 12TB 5 - 5TB 6 - 2TB What I'm wondering is - if either drive #5 or #6 dies and I got a 14TB drive or larger replacement, what's the best way to incorporate that new drive into the array? I know that in my case for a healthy array I would just simply swap the parity drive for a 14+TB drive, but at the moment I can only think of replacing the data drive with the 14TB drive and losing the 2TB extra capacity if one data drive has already failed. Is it possible to shut the array down and clone the parity drive to the 14TB drive so that I wouldn't have to do a full parity calculation, and put the old 12TB parity in place of drive #5 or #6? Or if I can't clone it, how can I put the new 14TB drive in as parity and put the 12TB parity as a data drive, assuming 1 data drive is dead? Thank you.
  4. @JesterEE - Huh, I always thought the Meshify series was mid-tower at best. That M2 XL does seem better for airflow which IMO is critical for a multi hard drive install. Right now I'm running an old Antec Nine Hundred that I had the fortune to be still holding onto despite SWMBO's protestations to get rid of my old computer junk. I'm running 2x Kingwin 5 into 3x5.25" hot swap bays. I'm considering getting a 3rd hot swap rack even though I only have 7 hard drives at the moment.
  5. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B081M3RGG8/ Expensive at $300 US, but it has 12 external 5.25" drive bays and is in stock. Picture of the drive bays. The Define 7 XL (different case) can hold up to 18 3.5" drives, but unfortunately not hot-swappable/tool-less.