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  1. A couple of updates later and some tweaks on my side like removing chmod this started working. Not sure what fixed it, though, but it's working now!
  2. I assumed this would be done by the Plex docker, wouldn't it? Edit: Confirmed they are already installed in the Docker container.
  3. I'm trying to use GPU transcoding using the recently added tone-mapping. I'm on the correct Plex version ( Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Normal transcoding works. I have loaded i915 (I have a i3 8100 with a compatible motherboard for transcoding). From the log output: beignet-opencl-icd: no supported GPU found, this is probably the wrong opencl-icd package for this hardware (If you have multiple ICDs installed and OpenCL works, you can ignore this message) Thing is it just worked for another file. It looks client-dependent (this doesn