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  1. Looks like the inet restart command worked. I am now able to access the server shares and GUI. I will post the diagnostics in the support thread so that someone can figure out why the server is not getting an IP on reboot.
  2. Are there commands that I can run at the console to give my unRAID the correct IP and to get the GUI restarted? It appears the only thing that is wrong is that the server is not using the correct IP. Or does this mean the NIC driver is not working with my server?
  3. I upgraded from 6.8.1. It had a similar problem, but after a cold reboot, 6.8.1 was able to obtain an IP address from my DHCP server.
  4. I made a back up of my flash drive using the unRAID flash backup prior to updating to 6.8.2. How do I revert back to it? I need my server up and running.
  5. I am having the same issues after updating to 6.8.2 from 6.8.1. I had the same issue updating to 6.8.1, but it cleared up after I did a hard reboot. Now I am stuck with it using the 169.x.x.x IP. I can only access the server via IPMI console.
  6. After update, my server is using an unknown IP address of So this makes my server unaccessible except via IPMI console.
  7. I have rebooted several times, including completely turning the the power. The server keeps booting to the IP address of I will need help with executing console commands to get it the correct IP address. It is not getting it from my DHCP server. My unRAID is configure to bond the dual Intel NIC in my server.
  8. From what I can tell, the array is booting up fine, but it is using the wrong IP address.
  9. I just updated to 6.8.2 from 6.8.1 and the server is booting up to some unknown IP Address of My network is in the 10.168.192.x range so I don't know where it is getting the IP address instead of from my DHCP. This means I cannot access the server via GUI. I am using IPMI remote console to access the console.
  10. Ok, just updated and the server rebooted with some random IP address of so this means I can't access the GUI. My network is 10.168.x.x so I don't know where it is getting its IP address. I am going to create a support thread.
  11. I had problem booting after upgrading to 6.8.1 where the server came up with a random IP address and was unresponsive by both the console and GUI. It took a cold boot where I had to manually completely power down the server. It gave me a scare. So I would like to be prepared before I upgrade to 6.8.2. What should I be backing up on the flash just in case I have to redo the flash?
  12. So I updated to the current LTS container using my current appdata. I can login into the controller, but all my APs are showing up with their radios (2g and 5g) showing disabled. Also, I cannot see the clients connected to each AP. The APs themselves are still working fine and clients have connections. It is that the controller is not showing the client connections and is reporting that the radios are disabled. I am running firmware on the APs. If I need to update the AP firmware, what is a good stable firmware to use for the current LTS 5.6.42? Update ==================== Looks like I need a newer firmware. I upgraded one of the AP to and now it correctly reports the radios and the client list is back. Don't know if this is the best 4.0.x.x firmware for the UAP-AC-Pro and UAP-AC-Lite. So if I am going to run the newer firmware, is there a recommended controller and device firmware that is quite stable? I have several remote APs and can only maintain them via the controller.
  13. It has been a long time, but how do I get the new container again? Never mind, I found it in the APPs tab.
  14. I am still on the old deprecated container running LTS 5.6.40 and really would like to update to the current container. I see in unRAID under the Docker tab that there is an apply update link next to the old docker container. Should I use that to update or should I do it manually as posted on page 1 of this thread? I would like to stick with LTS for now. My current Unifi container is configured to run on a virtual interface in its own VLAN (br0.30). I hope the update will maintain this settings since it has been so long that I forgot how to do it if I had to do it again.
  15. My array is back after replacing the failed drive with a spare. However, I was not able to hot swap the drives as I had assumed and had to reboot the server before the new drive was recognized. Doesn't unRAID support hot swapping of drives? Basically, I stopped the array and swapped the failed drive for the spare. However, the spare drive did not become available for selection until I rebooted the server.
  16. So I can just prepare a new flash drive and copy everything from the current config folder to the new flash drive? Update -------------------- Oh, I forgot the license is keyed off of the flash drive. So once I redo the flash drive, I just copy everything from the config folder back?
  17. Just upgraded to 6.8.1 from 6.7.2. After reboot, the server frozed at the login prompt and I couldn't access the GUI nor login via the command prompt using IPMI. So I hard rebooted again. I can now login at the login prompt via IPMI, but still cannot access the GUI or via telnet. I cannot access my shares through Windows either. I also noticed the IPv4 address at the login prompt is not correct. I don't know where it got that IP address. Please advice. Update __________________ Sent a Ctrl+Alt+Del via IPMI and let the server rebooted again. This time the correct IPv4 address is shown at the login prompt and I can now access the GUI. First time since v4.7 that I had trouble upgrading. Hopefully all is well.
  18. I think I have it figured out. Data is rebuilding. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  19. It has been a long time since I had to touch my unRAID. I am running V6.7.2. One of my disk has an X next to it and when I hover over the X it says "Device Disabled, Content Emulated". I have spare disks, but I cannot recall the proper procedure or steps to replace this troubled disk. Can someone give me the steps to swapping out the troubled disk with one of my spare? Thanks in advance.
  20. Thanks Hoopster. Do you know if the recommended step is to update the controller first and then the APs or update the APs first then the controller?
  21. Is there a recommended stable firmware for the AP to pair with the 5.9 controller? I am still on the LTS (5.6.40) controller with older firmware for the APs because I can't afford to have downtime for my customers. I would like to switch to the new Unifi docker app and maybe install the 5.9 controller at the same time. Then slowly upgrade the remote APs to the firmware that works best with the 5.9 controller.
  22. Looks like mover is now moving to the empty disk.
  23. Decided to use Midnight Commander to move the files back to the cache drive. Now will try the move again.
  24. Can anyone recommend an elegant Linux command to move folder contents keeping sub-folders structure and preserving file attributes? Basically, I wold like to move folderA from the data disk to folderA on the cache disk retaining all sub-folders structure.
  25. Once I restore my cache drive prior to the move process. How can I ensure that this will not happen again in the future? It appears that with the split level of manual, there is no checking to ensure an entire folder can be moved unto a disk prior to moving the folder. I would have expected that I receive an error and no files in the folder have been moved. This way, I would add another empty disk to the server and rerun mover again.