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  1. Yeah I did, sorry for the late reply. In my "go" file I added the following: /usr/bin/sensors -s This kicked everything into life and from then on, all sensors were accessible by Unraid.
  2. Click "Add Container" and enter the following. You will need to add new Vairables for everything except the AppData location which is a path. You can use the following as an icon URL (visible by clicking the advanced view toggle) - https://hay-kot.github.io/mealie/assets/img/favicon.png The WebUI can also be changed to your Unraid address followed by port 9926, unless you change this port in the initial step.
  3. I've managed to get this working in Unraid if you still need help? Send me a PM
  4. Hi All, Really struggling to get motherboard temp and fan speed to display. I'm on the latest 6.9 RC1 along with the latest plugin. I have a 3950x CPU and an ASUS Crosshair HERO VIII x570 motherboard. Clicking detect gives me "k10temp nct6775", however, when I load the drivers I can only nvme readings. If I remove nct6775 so I only have k10temp listed, I can see my CPU. Neither combination gives me my motherboard or fan data. Any ideas? Sensors-Detect logs here: Logs on Pastebin Thanks