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  1. Agreed, I am currently using ZFS on my main home server and running Debian Buster with mirrored boot and root, but really like the way unRAID manages VMs and Docker rather than relying on portainer and kvm. I haven't hit any functional issues in my unRAID server, but I would rather err on the supported solution and will mount directly to /mnt I am more prosaic, /mnt/nas for storage and /mnt/fastdisk for ssds Thanks again
  2. OK, did research and found this topic... mounting under /mnt/user is bad practice. Will still work on other options...
  3. Thanks for following up. I am getting errors in the syslog, but I get these whether I mount via the script or maintaining /etc/mtab Tower emhttpd: error: share_luks_status, 5975: Operation not supported (95): getxattr: /mnt/user/nas I believe the error is caused by mounting under /mnt/user share vs. /mnt. If I mount under /mnt by either method, the error goes away. The pool does not have encryption set on, so I am wondering if it is an incompatibility between mounting zfs under xfs. Still playing around with a solution, but apart from the above message,
  4. Just wanted to provide a solution for an issue I had. Scenario, I wanted to keep the standard shares and mount ZFS under the existing shares rather than using links. The issue I had was that the ZFS would mount before the other shares and so when starting the array I could only see the ZFS folders. I tried updating the /etc/default/zfs not to automount, but that did not work. Solution: User Scripts to umount when stopping array and then mounting when starting array. This has worked for a number of reboots so far . If it fails, I will provide an update.