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  1. THank you for posting this , I have the V5 of the same switch and have been struggling to get the link aggredation to work , would you mind to post both unraid and Switch config as I have the same setp but the LAG is still "link down "
  2. @trurl thank you so much for your help , everything completed successfully. Sent from my SM-N975F using Tapatalk
  3. Migration complete, parity rebuild now on going . fingers crossed
  4. Thank you , started the data migration , will report back once completed.
  5. Ok roger that , so i was confused , so now I will setup a new config , so with new config ( adding disks to array data ) will not erase it right ? only incae of adding parity would clean up the disks ( Parity DIsk) If I understand.
  6. THank @trurl for taking time to help , so I would basically add the new disks to the array and start it up ... and then how do i copy / move files from the 8TB volume ? there is about 6TB of data on the 8TB disk .