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  1. Put me down as +1 this problem. (Actually +2 as the problem is actually exactly the same after my wife upgraded to BigSur). Previously, I was able to easily access my large volume ReadyNAS (v6.10.4) shares via SMB until the BigSur upgrade. I am desperate for a fix. One forum indicated that SMB3 - Required needed to be set on the ReadyNAS system. That has been verified. ----------------- Global ReadyNAS setting are: - (Checked) Enable SMB - (Checked) Legacy Windows Discovery - (Checked) Enhance MacOS Workgroup: VOLUME SMB3 Transport Encryption: ( ) Configure per share (SELECTED) Configured globally [REQUIRED] (versus Enabled, Disabled, Desired) --------------- Also (I just discovered) that TimeMachine to the ReadyNAS backup has not worked since December 4th. That may or may not be the day that I upgraded to BigSur... Not sure. Any and all help is respectfully appreciated.