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  1. I'm not sure if this is the right place for this post but here it goes. I download movies and transcode all movies into mp4 1080p. Sadly I'm doing this with my cpu but i keep tabs on it daily. I would like to know if there is an app that would show me a graph of video types. For example I want to know if i'm making a dent in my transcodes. Right now i just search for mkv files and see how many items i have and base my guesses off of that. But I'd like a quick easy way to see how many videos are say 1080p, or 2k, and what file formats they are. I'd just like a way to monitor how my transcodes are going.
  2. Looking for some idea's that are not nextcloud/owncloud. I currently have my cellphone, Wifes, and Mothers cellphones backing up to my synology via dsphoto. I hate my synology because of its age it is very cumbersome and slow. I want to leverage my unraid system for this but I have not found a good solution to backup photos on the fly. I do not want to use nextcloud or owncloud as I have had bad experience with it in the past both personally and professionally. Does anyone know of a solution I could try?
  3. So if you're here for the script this is what I've come up with. I'm using user scripts plugin and running it every 4hrs and then pausing for 10min. In user scripts I have a custom cron set for this script to 0 */4 * * * docker pause <YOUR DOCKER CONTAINER HERE ID> sleep 10m docker unpause <YOUR DOCKER CONTAINER HERE ID> My reasoning behind this is when Handbreak is running my system sets at 100% utilization. So I thought to give the hardware a break I could run a script that auto pauses and then resumes the docker. The Question: Does this even make a difference. I mean the cpu isn't getting hit for the 10 min but should I even worry about it.
  4. So it's just the config folder I need to move then? That should be to hard. Would you recommend doing this through rsync as well? I know there is a place I can set the flash to export.
  5. I'm moving about 2.5tbs of movies and tv shows, along with my entire docker config. Thanks for the parity tip. Currently I just mounted the folders via mount.cifs in terminal and just running rsync. As I said the main problem is the activation key. I'm not sure what to do about that. I still have the old usb key but i'm unsure if once the data migration is complete if I can just plug it in or if I will have to transfer it somehow to a new usb.
  6. We use minio for our server software and then if you do not need to backup mapped drives cloudberry backup is a awesome piece of software. It runs as a service and you can specify almost any type of backup scheme you want and its free as long as you don't need mapped drive backup. This setup has saved me so much work its not even funny.
  7. If you want a free cloud system then nextcloud will be the best you can get. It is however a bear to troubleshoot as documentation is all over the place. if you want a simple set it and forget it system then the Synology would be the way to go. We have offered both as solutions to our clients and typically we end up going with a synology as it is much less of a pain.
  8. I've been running unraid on a server I had laying around with a hardware raid on it. I recently came across some enough parts to put together a true unraid system. I'm currently migrating my data from my old system to the new one. However my problem is I need to somehow use my key on the new trial system I have setup. I had to start the trial on the new system because I had to get my new array up and running. In addition I cannot just plug in the drives into the new system because they are all part of a logical volume on the old system with the hardware raid. I would have just moved the drives and they key and been done however due to the hardware raid I'm unable to. So currently I have two systems one active and one running a trial. I need to get the active one somehow moved to the new system that is running the trial. Suggestions?