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  1. sorry, but which? I use it from your site on github
  2. It is something else, not the memory error. reinstalled a least 10x in the night: ``` sudo docker run -d --name="Zoneminder" --net="bridge" --privileged="false" --shm-size="30G" -p 888:80/tcp -p 9001:9001/tcp -p 6802:6802/tcp -e TZ="Europe/Berlin" -e PUID="1000" -e PGID="1000" -e INSTALL_HOOK="1" -e INSTALL_FACE="1" -e INSTALL_TINY_YOLOV3="1" -e INSTALL_YOLOV3="1" -e INSTALL_TINY_YOLOV4="1" -e INSTALL_YOLOV4="1" -e MULTI_PORT_START="0" -e MULTI_PORT_END="0" --device /dev/dri:/dev/dri -v "/mnt/Zoneminder":"/config":rw -v "/mnt/Zo
  3. How to update ES?? added new config for ES in objectconfig.ini: [ml] use_sequence = yes disable_locks= no stream_sequence = { 'frame_strategy': 'most_models', 'frame_set': 'snapshot,alarm', 'contig_frames_before_error': 5, 'max_attempts': 3, 'sleep_between_attempts': 4, 'resize':800 } ml_sequence= { 'general': { 'model_sequence': 'object' }, 'object': { 'general':{