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  1. See here everyone: https://forums.unraid.net/bug-reports/stable-releases/690-691-692-netapp-pmc-sierra-pm8003-rev5-and-adaptec-6805h-hba-controller-didnt-find-the-hdds-r1300/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-14700 It appears there is resolution for PM8XXX in Unraid 6.9.2 after all. Cheers.
  2. Can confirm. Running PMC 8001, system boots and driver loads successfully. Many thanks to @Linux for his continued efforts and working somewhat blindly with my system to remedy, and improve, the situation. Looking forward to installing Nvidia Drivers now and offloading my transcoding back to my GPU.
  3. Can you possibly share your build zip file and I can attempt a load on my system? I am not quite clear on the Custom Kernel process and how to ensure the modified pm80xx driver is included/applied.
  4. Standing by. Let us know. Need 9.2+ for the Nvidia Driver but stuck at 6.8.3 for the multiple drives.
  5. Attempted install to 6.9.2, still received PMC errors. "pm80xx: probe failed with error -16". device does show in the system devices, but drives are not recognized. Rolled back to 6.8.3 again.
  6. I have similar results after upgrading to 6.9, PMC 8003 Card not detected. Rolled back to 6.8.3, Drivers and card detected. This appears to be driver related. Most Recent version that has Working PMC 8003 Driver is 6.9 Beta 30. Hoping this gets resolved as I require 6.9 for the Nvidia Drivers.