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  1. just for fun, I just installed the binhex-qtorrent... configured it the same. and i'm able to connect without issues... the DNS in KEY 9 are the same for both containers.
  2. no I don't. I have a Ubiquiti DreamMachine Pro... perhaps it's the intrusion detection settings?
  3. Excellent idea. (I search for users and passwords in my log file but found none) Here's my log. supervisord.log
  4. Does anyone have any idea why Deluge wont start for me with my VPN? I've tried different VPN destinations, I've tried with OPEN VPN and now with Wireguard, the GUI wont start. it will only work with the VPN turned off. I'm using PIA which seems to be very swell supported... the account is valid, I can log into it manually on my desktop. These are my settings:
  5. Alright, wireguard is running. I still have the same issue I don't see any errors in the logs... but the web gui wont load. it only loads if I disable the VPN. Here are my logs: 2021-02-08 10:25:07,439 DEBG 'watchdog-script' stdout output: [debug] iptables chain policies are in place 2021-02-08 10:25:07,450 DEBG 'watchdog-script' stdout output: [debug] VPN incoming port is 6890 [debug] Deluge incoming port is 6890 [debug] VPN IP is [debug] Deluge IP is 2021-02-08 10:25:37,453 DEBG 'watchdog-script' stdout output: [debug] Chec
  6. How do use wireguard? the instructions aren't very clear to me. Google failed me aswell. I'm not able to connect using OpenVPN anymore... so I'd like to try something different.
  7. I remove 3 or 4 plugins that I've had for a while. I think ALL my issues were resolved after I removed them. no more rebooting my server every 24 hours. no more GUI SLOWNESS where certain pages take forever to load. I'm sorry to say that I don't recall which plugins were at fault. I think it was like "folder cache" it's been too long now, I don't recall.
  8. So My unraid server has been running like ass for the past few months. I'm not able to download diagnostic I'm not able to load plugins I need to reboot my server once a day or else it locks up Dockers and VM work fine during that 24hour period the Server still locks up in safe mode, or regular mode with docks and VMs disabled. the only thing I can view is the syslog. and they are spammed with this: Jan 27 10:19:16 Tower nginx: 2021/01/27 10:19:16 [alert] 4277#4277: worker process 14256 exited on signal 6 Jan 27 10:19:16 Tower ngin
  9. I've been having this problem for months now... I get spammed even in safe mode, dockers and VMs disabled.
  10. so I just wanted to circle back on this issue. I tried using Unraid in safemode with all VMs off and 99% of my dockers off. and it still half crashes after 25-30 hours. it's very consistant. I'm not 100% convinced it's hardware issue... But here's my work around for now. I scripted a daily reboot. it happens at 5am. This way, plex is always up and running at 6am for the kiddos, and everything is always working the rest of the day. everything reboots daily, which isn't as bad as i thought. A Clean reboot doesn't cause my large array to rescan all of
  11. yes i do! I just so happened to be logged in with GUI mode, and because the server was frozen, so was the clock. it said 2:30pm I think that clock is UTC, which is 4 hours behind my time, but the logs are in UTC. I had already check though before posting.. and it looks like the logs stop at 1:30pm that day.
  12. UPDATE! My Network configurations was redone, more simple as suggested. I basically removed the bond on my unraid server. And reconfigured both ports on my switch to 2 single ports with their own native vlans instead of 2 ports in a trunk group. Instead of the usual 24-48 hours, I was up to 3 days! I wanted to wait for a 4th day before posting back with a success story, Unfortunately, I never got to the 4th day. My server was frozen this morning, which wasn't what was happening before. I have included the syslog files. syslog-
  13. Alright.. I got rid of the Band and Trunks. Let see if I can stay up for more than 2 days. Thanks for helping me out.
  14. What in the logs whats you think it's a Network issue? Here are my configs..