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  1. Hi Trurl, My Server originally had 10x 2TB disk. they are internal disks running off 2x ibm m1015 controllers in IT mode from my Freenas days. Recently, I got my hands on a Netapp Shelf with some netapp disks. Those disks are the ones showing up as disk10-22 + 2nd parity drive. These are the ones that I'm having reliability issues with. I believe what you're asking me is "why don't I migrate everything off my reliable 2TB disks to my SAS 4TB drives" to have fewer disks and few problems. I'm just not convinced that that will be the case. PS: my 2TB drives are old, like 7-9 years old. the Plan is to just let them die and shrink the array as it happens.
  2. Yes, they're all on the same controller. but all the disk are still showing online on my dashboard.
  3. Well.. it didn't take that long, but I'm getting the following errors now: Unraid array errors: 2020-05-03 04:42 Warning [TOWER] - array has errors Array has 12 disks with read errors Here's my diagnostics file (without a reboot) tower-diagnostics-20200504-0925.zip
  4. I'l know for next time. Thank you very much.
  5. Alright, so I stopped the array, and spun it back up. Disk 10 is back! and it looks like the files are there too. Any idea why this is happening?
  6. Thank you @itimpi I used the -L flag and received the following: Phase 1 - find and verify superblock... sb realtime bitmap inode 18446744073709551615 (NULLFSINO) inconsistent with calculated value 129 resetting superblock realtime bitmap ino pointer to 129 sb realtime summary inode 18446744073709551615 (NULLFSINO) inconsistent with calculated value 130 resetting superblock realtime summary ino pointer to 130 Phase 2 - using internal log - zero log... ALERT: The filesystem has valuable metadata changes in a log which is being destroyed because the -L option was used. - scan filesystem freespace and inode maps... sb_icount 0, counted 3776 sb_ifree 0, counted 178 sb_fdblocks 976277679, counted 626303125 - found root inode chunk Phase 3 - for each AG... - scan and clear agi unlinked lists... - process known inodes and perform inode discovery... - agno = 0 - agno = 1 - agno = 2 - agno = 3 - process newly discovered inodes... Phase 4 - check for duplicate blocks... - setting up duplicate extent list... - check for inodes claiming duplicate blocks... - agno = 0 - agno = 1 - agno = 2 - agno = 3 Phase 5 - rebuild AG headers and trees... - reset superblock... Phase 6 - check inode connectivity... - resetting contents of realtime bitmap and summary inodes - traversing filesystem ... - traversal finished ... - moving disconnected inodes to lost+found ... Phase 7 - verify and correct link counts... Maximum metadata LSN (1:667824) is ahead of log (1:2). Format log to cycle 4. done
  7. I don't want to lose the data on Disk10 - how do I mount the drive? (it looks mounted to me) -L sounds like I'll destroy the data on the disk.. can you confirm?
  8. Can't I mount the drive first like it's asking? (to replay the log)
  9. ok, tried the repair (just running -v) this is what I got
  10. This is what I got after running the disk10 (Disk 12 has the same results) check in maintenance mode with flags -nv
  11. ok, so Disk 10 has just finish rebuilding. it's now green, but it's still displaying "Unmountable: No file system" I stopped the array and started it back up to see if it would change, but it didn't.tower-diagnostics-20200420-1413.zip I have attached my latest log. Disk 12 is still RED X.
  12. sounds good. Thank you. another 12 hours or so to go till 100%
  13. I found 2 RED X in my array tonight. Disk 10 & Disk 12 (0f 20) Disk 10 has data on it, disk 12 is still empty. If the disks are defective, I can either remove them or replace them with smaller ones. These Disks are part of my Netapp shelf. which I've only owned for about 2 month now, but have "disappeared" from my array before. (what I would notice is all new shows missing from my plex) a Reboot usually brought everything back up, but this is the first time I see an actual error like this. I removed disk 10, and rebooted the server. that didn't do much. I put the disk back in, and now it doing a "parity-sync/data rebuild" not sure if this will cause a data lost. What should I do? tower-diagnostics-20200419-2208.zip
  14. I rebooted, and I'm 75% sure it fixed my issue. I need more time to confirm. I attached the logs. tower-diagnostics-20200324-2025.zip tower-diagnostics-20200324-2025.zip