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  1. I'm talking about my gaming pc transferring files to the unraid NAS (different computer) through windows file explorer. It looks like the max speed I can get is 113MB/s even though the nvme (cache drive) can have 3500MB/s read and 3000MB/s writes. This is due to the network being gigabit ethernet the max speed I can transfer is 100MB/s even though the nvme can write at 3000MB/s. I'm new to all this so I didn't expect there to be a bottleneck of 100MB/s on my network when I bought the nvme, I should have bought a regular ssd instead to save a few bucks.
  2. I found this 1000Mbit (Gigabit Ethernet LAN) 100 MB/sec 6 GB/minute I think I'm getting only 113MB/s because I'm bottlenecked by my network. So in theory, it doesn't matter if my cache drive is a ssd or an nvme because it'll get bottlenecked by the network at 100MB/s anyways.
  3. Here is the new diagnostics. I think it looks good now. I'm testing the transfer speeds of with and without cache drive and the speed is 113MB/s with and without cache drive. Is this expected? I'm using a nvme 1TB drive, I'm expecting higher transfer speeds. Does the cache drive only make it a sustain 113MB/s? it's not dropping in speed even for a big transfers of 10GB+ steinsgate-diagnostics-20210111-1624.zip
  4. I think I fixed it, thanks. The cache drive is pretty empty now. Set my share settings of "Use cache (for new files/directories):" to "Yes" appdata, domains, iso, and system shares are cache-prefer. I didn't have VM so I didn't disable it, but I did disable Docker and enabled it back this morning after the mover ran overnight.
  5. Done In Share settings I set "Use cache (for new files/directories):" back to "Yes". I also pressed "Mover" and it looks like the cache drive is slowly getting more space. But the array is also increasing. Maybe it's making another copy to each file to the array. I'll have to see later if that's the case. steinsgate-diagnostics-20210110-2358.zip
  6. I followed https://wiki.unraid.net/Troubleshooting#How_to_get_help "How to get help" and one of the steps was to shut down. Not sure if it's affected. steinsgate-diagnostics-20210110-2232.zip
  7. Here is the diagnostics. I have over 1TB of files in my array and the cache drive is 1TB so it just transferred everything into the cache drive when I set it to preferred and use "Mover". I want to clear the cache drive 1TB and set it up so that when I transfer files it'll use the cache drive instead of directly transferring to the array. syslog.txt
  8. Ya I was playing around with yes/preferred and wanted to see what it does. oh so if set it back to YES and use mover it will move it back to the array and clear the cache drive?
  9. In share settings I set "Use cache (for new files/directories):" to Yes/Preferred (forgot which one, I keep changing to test them out). I pressed mover button. It says beside Yes/Preferred "Mover transfers files from array to cache". My cache drive now has files from my array which makes sense. How do I clear the files from the cache drive or flush the cache drive? It's currently at 100%.