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  1. The airflow is as above. Currently temp. is at 40C (parity), 40C (Data), 36C (Data). Yesterday Parity build was running and now completed
  2. ok thanks this is how my current drives are in the bay , the case is R6 define, shall I have more spacing between them to improve air flow
  3. at the moment my case is open so ample of air flow ...any suggestions on what to do about cooling?
  4. so tried some other options and looks like it is working. Why I don't know but will be good to hear views. Solution posted at thread below
  5. will a BIOS update help ? https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/MEG-Z490-GODLIKE
  6. so I tried some settings on my MSI B460 Torpedo motherboard which looks like fixed the issue i have tried multiple reboots from webUI and unraid is starting up correctly without going to BIOS. 1. click settings 2 Access Advanced 3 Power Mgmt Setup 4. DTM - I changed it to Enabled 5 Save changes and reboot this did the trick for me. Why this approach work I don't know may be someone can throw some light on it
  7. sorry have not got an answer for the issue, I am having the same issue with my recent built on B460, first reboot-unraid is fine subsequent reboots shows a blank screen and unraid server does not come up, unless until I go into BIOS do nothing save and exit what i can add is i had initially set USB to non UEFI and it ddin't boot into unraid at all, i had to change it to UEFI to atleast get first unraid boot but reboot same problem occurs
  8. thanks no i will post on MSI forums as well see if there are any pointers