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  1. Realized you can list IP addresses that are exceptions from the proxy. Thanks for the guide anyway!
  2. Hey, Just used this guide to setup transmission and I really appreciate the guide, worked great. Havn't gotten around to setting up remote gui for transmission yet so going to try that. I use firefox as my default browser however and using the proxy as you described will make it so I can't access my unraid GUI (I am assuming this is intended behavior). Is remote GUI the best way to go or do you have any idea how to solve this differently?
  3. Thank you, I will keep this in mind. I will run smart tests on my current disks over night. Thing is one of the disks (the one i'm trying to use as a parity disk) keeps dissapearing time to time. I did find that it failed a mandatory smart command so I guess that disk is quite dead. Will probably end up getting 2 new HDDs within a month.
  4. Yes, I realized that but checking if that disk works instead of my real parity disk would tell me something atleast
  5. So the Seagate IronWolf ST4000VN008 64MB 4TB would be better?
  6. Yeah, thanks for pointing that out, it was just an experimental drive that is around 10 years old so that wouldn't be surprising. I recently learned that the other 2 drives are around 5 years old.
  7. Here is another diagnostics after a failed parity build. Just want to add that the parity disk that keeps failing has OK smart tests. nas-diagnostics-20210117-1755.zip
  8. New diagnostics here. Tried connecting a different power cable before running the parity check too. Looks like it didnt fail this time but parity is still disabled for some reason. nas-diagnostics-20210117-1242.zip
  9. Couldn't find anything about the parity disk in these diagnostics so I will try to restart the array with it and submit diagnostics after that.
  10. My lingo might not be up to speed on the subject but I will try my best to explain. By parity copying I meant the following: I had an array with 1 HDD in it that contains data. I stopped the array. I added a parity drive. Now when starting up the array the parity disk has to write to copy the original HDD data. Bought the disks from an old colleague, told me they were previously unused. (3 TB Seagate x2) I will attach new diagnostics, note that these are after stopping and starting the array. If this makes a difference I can try and run the parity check tomorrow again and
  11. Hi I am relatively new to Unraid and am currently trying out the trial version to see if I should get a license to use as a NAS as a few docker containers. I have tried starting my array of 2 disks several times at this point but the parity check (or parity copying) always fails at 70.2%. I found a few other threads that suggested changing the SATA port on the MB and changing the cables but even after doing so it seems like the disk still fails. I will attach logs in this post for anyone that could see if they can find any information in them. But to my understanding the parity HDD is dead? I