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  1. Hey Guys, So the raid card arrived and seems to be working well, I havn't been able to flash it as I dont really know how to but anyways. Thanks for your help
  2. Also another question will that SaS card linked above work out of the box with unraid?
  3. I've tried running each disk mounted as RAID 0 and unraid does detect it but when i click to use it, it disaperars. ive also tried disabling HBA in SPP but it couldnt find any raid controllers.
  4. Hello Unraid, I currently have a HP ProLiant DL380 G6 and I've been using a p420i SAS card which hasn't been working too well with unraid so I've been told to get another SAS card. Now I'm making this post to make sure this SAS card works ok with unraid.
  5. So after many hours of me trying to get unraid to detect my drive i've decided to buy a new raid card, which one should I get. ive been told that the H220 works fine with unraid.
  6. So I managed to get unraid to find the drive (by putting it in raid 0) but now it just loads as show here edit: It loaded but disapeared right after, i know the drive is working as i just ran an os on it.
  7. So I've been doing some googling and apparently you need to disable "HBA mode" or something like that you have to boot into Linux and run some commands. I've never had any experience with Linux.
  8. When I put the disk in raid 0 unraid still doesnt reconise it.
  9. I'm using a p420i as my raid controller with my SATA SSD in raid 0.
  10. Hello I have a hp dl380 g6 and in trying to setup unpaid and I'm having some issues I've been trying to get unraid to detect my SATA SSD I've put in but it doesn't detect it at all I've made a raid 0 array on it's own but no luck Can you help me?