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  1. I actually didn't install the NerdPack and was just playing whack-a-mole on the dependencies until it built. Here is what I ended up with on RC1: mkdir packages cd packages/ wget https://mirrors.edge.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v5.x/linux-5.9.13.tar.gz mv linux-5.9.13.tar.gz linux-5.9.13.tgz cd /usr/src/ mv linux-5.9.13-Unraid/ linux-5.9.13-Unraid_orig tar zxvf ~/packages/linux-5.9.13.tgz ln -s linux-5.9.13 linux cp -rf linux-5.9.13-Unraid_orig/* linux cp -f linux-5.9.13-Unraid_orig/.config linux ln -sf /usr/src/linux/include/asm-generic /usr/include/asm-generic ln -sf /usr/src/linu
  2. Mostly, just had to substitute the kernel version in a few of the commands (example: wget https://mirrors.edge.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v5.x/linux-5.9.13.tar.gz)
  3. Some of those items in the config look like they are from the older version config and will not work. Try starting with the minimal config from here: https://blakeblackshear.github.io/frigate/configuration/index Once you get it running start adding in the cameras and object tracking one by one.
  4. Awesome, I used these steps to get my m.2 coral running on 6.9.0. Thank you very much!!!
  5. Just received my m.2 coral device and struggling to get it working with the frigate docker. Would you mind sharing the steps to compile and load the driver? Thank you!