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  1. Just upgraded from 6.9.1 over to 6.9.2 and seem to be having issues from the start such as my Win10 VM has disappeared and when I goto the Docker tab I get an error stating "Docker service failed to start"
  2. So little update... Using Unassigned Devices and Krusader, I now have one of my drives transferring over to the array... My next issue however is that one of my drives shows up, but won't allow me to mount it. I'm thinking that may be the one I attempted to use with storages pools on win10 before switching to unRAID
  3. When everything is moved and done, there will be 3x 16tb drives and an 8tb.... What's the general rule of thumb when it comes to how many parity drives you should have vs data drives
  4. That's exactly the way I was wanting to do it, just wasn't sure if there were any addons for unRAID that would help, or pass through for an entire drive. And no, there is no parity drive as of yet. At $800/drive, it's not easy to just get 2
  5. Yes, the data are on disks that are unassigned. There are 2x 16tb (B & C) drives and an 8tb (D) drive... So the plan is to move data from B drive to the array locally somehow, then add B drive to the array. Then move data from C drive over, then format and add that to the array also which will then allow me to transfer the last drive over and finally add that one...
  6. Hi everyone. I'm new to the whole unRAID deal, and so far everything is fantastic as I'm only using it for a plex server. This all came about because having multiple TB of data spread over separate drives became a hassle and win10 won't allow me to create storage pools with 16tb drives.... So far I have my array setup with an empty 16tb drive as well as a win10 VM.... My question here is... Is there a way to have a drive physically show inside of that VM so that I can transfer data to the array inside of the same machine which would take less than a day as opposed to doing it from