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  1. Hi Binhex, First of all, amazing work, installed on a Debain 10 with Docker on a OVH VPS. Had a few issues with OVH detecting any activity as ddos attack, fixed by using a different openvpn config from PIA (I have to use TCP and IP). Regardless of that, a few small issues but I took the time to read all the documentation for troubleshooting and I'm impressed how every little issue I had got solved. There is only one thing I could not find documentation about, at least clearly even on Deluge forums. I would like to use Thin Client to be able to create torrents. I use mainly private trackers and obv. need a good ratio. I found the windows version I need for my windows PC here Unofficial Deluge 2.0.x for Windows. In connection manager I have tried multiple entries but cannot detect my Deluge on my VPS, is this caused by VPN ? I couldn't find much documentation about it either, at least for non local deluge server. Is there an easier way to create torrents without thin client or shall I keep trying and searching for a solution. Deluge on my VPS is running the latest 2.04.dev38.